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    Having recently switched from Frost to Fire I am having mixed results; this is the first time I have played Fire since Wrath where Combustion was just a cooldown. I've seen it stated a few times that Combustions of around 40-60k are what you should be aiming for and with immense luck 100k+, however I rarely see this (and never anything close to 100k). I use the "pro-active" method of using AT with PoM alternating between 4-6 pyros or 2-3 pyro. As I understand it Ignite will at maximum tick for what you hit 4secs ago, and having 6 pyros in a row takes longer than 4secs to use!

    1) Should I be using combustion after the chain of pyros or try to notice an ignite peak within the pyros?
    2) Should I be waiting for the last pyro to hit/register before I hit combustion? If yes, what should I do immediately after my last pyro?

    Unrelated but fire related:

    3)At a 1min CD, the Engineering hand enchant does not line up with every Combustion, is it worth holding on to that CD which would otherwise occur in ~30 secs? This would effectively place the cooldown of it at 90secs, just like gylphed Combustion; is this sub-optimal?

    Completely unrelated:

    4) Where do I learn how to get my own personal stat weights from SimC? Nothing obvious comes to my attention/mind and I'd rather not just Google it if someone has something specific they can recommend!

    While I'm at it, have I chosen a good point to go Fire? Here's my armoury: Clicky.

    I was pretty pleased with my performance on our first Heroic kill of Jin'Rohk, is there anything I'm doing wrong here? I suspect I was blessed by the RNG gods for that fight! This was the first fight I had tried to raid with Fire, for our subsequent normal kills my DPS was pretty bad however I put that down to my inexperience with fire up until a week ago.

    I apologise if this is a really long post, I'm sure these kinds of questions get asked all of the time :/

    P.S I know my trinkets are horrible for fire... blame 10 man.
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    So I'm basically looking to watch for my first crit within the chain, then cast 2 more pyros and then combust immediately after?

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    Here's what I do. It's a bit more placing all of my faith into RNG, but hey, that's what Fire is known for:

    1. I wait until I have a Hot Streak, Heating Up (Unless it risks my proccs), and most of my trinket proccs (at least 1 powerful and 1 weak, or 2-3 weak) [e.g., LotC + Jade Spirit, or just Cha-Ye being the bare minimum to make me Combust]

    2. EVERY Combustion has PoM and ENG gloves used for it (PoM lines up with Combustion every time, and ENG gloves lose 50% cooldown, but it's worth it). When I THROW my PoM Pyro, I combust (I don't let them PoM Pyro hit), UNLESS I got 0 crits from my HS/HU, in which case, I'll risk a PoM to crit.

    3. Every odd-numbered Combustion (first, third, fifth, etc) also gets Alter Time, effectively giving me two cycles of #2.

    The problem with this method is that if you pop combust w/o any crits, you'll typically get a (minimum) 15k Combustion, but you can get some REALLY strong ones too. Hell, I got a 65k on a Durumu pull before.


    #showtooltip Presence of Mind
    /use 10
    /cast Presence of Mind

    Use 10 is for ENG gloves. If you also have On-Use trinkets (Shock-Charger Medallion), /use 13 for slot 1, or /use 14 for slot 2.

    #showtooltip Alter Time
    /use 10
    /cast Presence of Mind
    /cast Alter Time

    Same as PoM macro, just with AT. Make sure to pop it early if you run out of Pyros to throw.

    #showtooltip Combustion
    /cast Combustion

    The Stopcasting is a fail-safe if I accidentally start casting a hard-cast Pyroblast. I've done it before, so yeah, it's there just to make sure I Combustion when appropriate

    Again, this leaves your Combustions COMPLETELY up to RNG. It's much better at higher levels of crit, especially with the 4P T15, but... Well, my DPS still seems to be good for my level *shrug*
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    You should probably keep an eye out on how high your ignite is.
    If you get a really good ignite during your first set of pyros (before you cancel alter time intentionally),
    you should probably just use combustion.

    But I also think of the tier 2 set.
    The Time Lord buff. After Alter Time ends you get 1800 crit/mastery/haste.
    Mastery increases our ignite, so if you're lucky and the pyros you cast after you cancel alter time crit,
    you might get a even bigger ignite.

    I guess thats the fun part, to place your bets.
    Of course it sucks when you have horrible RNG, especially if you don't have a decent crit rating.
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    Your own stat weights, go here:

    Download the app
    Couple of things you want to change:
    - Iterations 10.000 minimum to get more trustworthy figures
    - player skill (perhaps)
    - Armory region (EU vs US)
    - buffs/debuffs (if you know your raid usually misses out on one or two)
    - make sure to tick Scaling for what ever you want scaled (int/hit/haste/mastery/crit/spell power)

    Then go to the import tab, find your char on the armory and click import
    Then click "Simulate", wait till all is done then find your stat weights.

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