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    ele shammy pvp help

    so i have played some on PTR with an ele shammy now and i need some help or tips with handeling rogues and hunters. So basicly against a rogue he pops all his CDs and garrotes me and i have nothing at all other than a trinket, if i trniket he garrotes me again and i get 1 global off so i use the best defensive i have (i think so atleast) healing tide and i die in the next garrote. i Could earthgrab, cap totem or instant hex instead but then they will just cloak or trinket so wtf do i do?. Against hunters i can barley get any casts off at all between 2 silence shots 2 feigh deaths 2 deterences 2 scatter traps intimidate and a possible pet cc, and while he does that his pet kills me, he has 2 trinkets so i cant hex and heal up (he kills me way b4 i can get a 3th hex off) not to mention if he powershots with CDs up and he has the stealth glyph im at like 60% already you might say "blablabla duels dont matter" its the same in 2s aswell even with a partner they just cc the crap out of uss since they both start in stealth they get the start on the cc chain. plz dont come with the "2s and duels dont matter you scrub l2p" cause i want to have a chance to win in 2s i enjoeyd them alot and i want to do so again so any help will be appreciated

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    If you're talking about arenas, you'll learn that you won't have much success without a partner that will peel a DPS off you. Ele shamans are both one of the easiest to lockdown and the most dangerous to let cast, so you'll get targeted first by probably every group you play against.

    For a rogue, try to get some elevation if the arena allows for it so you can use thunderstorm to your advantage. Thunderstorm near the end of a stun so you're not still stunned while they're running back (or up the ramp). If you have frozen power (or an earthgrab/totemic projection combo) you can knock someone down below a ledge and snare them there. I like frozen power over earthgrab because of it's very short CD. Most opponents will use something to get out of it and then you can just apply it again. yes, it has DR, but it lasts long enough to get a cast off. Play proactively, so drop your healing stream before you're attacked if you think it's coming. or better yet, capacitor totem.

    For a hunter, use LoS to your advantage. Flame shock him and the pet and wait for lava bursts to jump out and instantly cast. Heal yourself behind a pillar. If you can trinket a CC and hide you can heal up before going back out. Often hunters will be reluctant to fight very close, so they may not run you down, but would circle around. Make sure your unit frames are on so you can see them through the pillar. Some people recommend hexxing or killing the pet, but I don't have a lot of experience from that. Hunters love standing still, since they know you can't do much to them, so drop a capacitor totem and relocate it after a couple seconds. Do it after flame shock is on them and when your fulmination stacks are up.

    Don't forget searing totem, and bait interrupts with your lightning bolt. If they interrupt LB you can then cast LvB or ele blast freely. If they interrupt Ele blast it's effectively a silence.

    Good luck

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    okay thanks i will try out frozen power :]

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    For rogues in a 1v1 scenario, fighting an equally skilled rogue, rogue wins. So don't get pissed when losing . All though it is possible sometimes to beat rogues. I tempt to go for the elemental talent in last tier, then spawn earth elemental before he opens and have 20% dmg reduction. If he dances with blades and trinket you can sham that. Make your elemental stun him as soon as he is out and try hex him out of it. If he trinkets or cloaks any of this you could potentially be ahead. ALWAYS Flame Shock him before doing anything else and rarely heal without clearcasting proc up. Rogues these days don't have shadow step, but a talent that makes them port to who ever they silence, stun or ambush. So kiting them out of dance is actually pretty effective, I'd therefor recommend going for the 'reduced CD when totem is destroyed' talent. Sorry for not remembering. And then you can either root him on a 15s CD with earth grap, or you can Frost Shock root even, and slow him pretty effectively with Earth Bind. If you have him without cloak, he is slowed, pop all your CDs with Spiritwalkers grace so you kite him while nuking. He will Vanish 100%, which allows you to drop cap totem and just spam heal yourself to full (with elemental mastery). I suggest moving your char on top on the cap totem, or drop it inside your elemental to hide it. 9/10 times he will reopen on you and get fully stunned which you can hex out of and set up some burst.

    Also you can go resto, put on earth living, then go back elemental spec to have healing weapon imbue to stay. It depends on what you want.

    The game is balanced around 3s, 5s and RBG, so I suggest that you do more of those. 2s as elemental is just goint to cost you alot of keyboards

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