Duh Winning is a late-night raiding guild with a competitive attitude. Our goal is to achieve a competitive world ranking without raiding past the weekends.

If you are the kind of player who believes they can be the best DPS in their class, be one of the most effective healers in a raid, and always look at progression and farm content as an opportunity to learn more and improve; then Duh Winning may be the guild for you.

Current Progression:

4/13H Throne of Thunder

Previous progression:

13/16H Tier 14 [MSV, HoF, ToeS]
7/7H Firelands - During 4.3
8/8H - Dragon Soul

Raid Schedule:

Friday 9:45 PM - 2:00 AM Server time (West Coast - Pacific time)
Saturday 9:45 PM- 2:00 AM Server time (West Coast - Pacific time)

[We often raid later than our raid times, as much as 2 hours past raids depending on what content we are pushing]


Sunday 10:00PM - 2:00 AM Server time (West Coast - Pacific time)

Our Cleanup day isn't used all the time, but has been increasingly been used to push progression. We expect any new recruit to be able to make our Clean-up day 90% of the time.

What you can expect from us:

- Amenities: Feasts, guild repairs and some enchants/gems.
- A friendly guild environment.
- A guild that takes interest in alts, we run an alt raid on Thursdays, have a second group that runs on the weekdays and are working toward taking full advantage of alts in future tiers.
- Loot Council System. We believe any guild that plays primarily for progression should use a LC system during progression, players who contribute the most to the raid will benefit the most from this; we don't raid for the gear though, the gear is just a means to an end. If you believe in this philosophy then DW is the place for you.

So you want to raid with Duh Winning? Check this list off first:

1. You believe that the purpose of gear is to progress on future bosses.
2. You are willing to, and understand sitting periodically on farm and progression bosses for the sake of the guild.
3. You come prepared with flasks and potions for the entire night.
4. You have the gold funds to gem and enchant your own gear.
5. You know how to use World of Logs extensively (or are willing to be given tutorials).
6. You come prepared with a strong understanding of the encounter and the way your class/spec best interacts with the mechanics of that encounter.
7. You research encounters beforehand and provide tips, suggestions or strategies to making new heroic mode encounters easier to defeat.

Classes we are looking at:

- Restoration Druid
- MW Monk
- Restoration Shaman
- Mage

Those are the classes/specs we are seeking the most, however we are always interested in looking at highly qualified applicants of any class/spec. If you think you can bring something extraordinary to our roster we encourage you to apply.

In order to apply visit our website: http://duhw.enjin.com and fill-out our short application.