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    Help! Megaera 10 N - Hydras 3-5

    Hello, we've put around 45 pulls into Megaera and seem to be hitting a brick wall pretty hard. I have suspicions that our healers aren't quite doing something right but I can't put my finger on what it is.
    Our group make is

    Tanks: Blood DK, Prot Pally
    Healers: Holy pally, Resto Druid, Disc Priest
    DPS: Frost DK, Fury Warrior, Ele Sham, BM Hunter, frost mage(pug).

    I have a log from about 11 pulls tonight but our dps is a bit low as morale was pretty much dead. If anyone has any suggestions on what we can do to improve this advice is very welcome. The first few pulls they wanted to swap up the kill order and it didn't seem to work out very well for us. Our best luck was with GRGBG and we crashed and burned at that point every time. Often our prot paladin would fall over dead with 2-3 stacks of the fire debuff on him and very few heals. Thanks again and here is the log. www . worldoflogs . com /reports/rt-gt2esv0tdm2z0yi7/sum/damageDone/?s=3527&e=3989

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    what helped us alot was being very specific with what we used on every rampage. trying to have at least 1 reduction and 1 healing cd active for each one. this way u save a shit tonne of mana for the normal phase. we had a wide range of cds to use tho and you seem to be lacking compared to us :S I had to write down an order to keep track of them all xD

    our setup for first kill:

    2x resto shammys (1 alt)+ resto druid healing
    2x warrior tanks
    2x rogue, shadow priest (with symbo), mage and hunter.

    kill order was: green, red, green, red, blue, green, red.

    1- Shammy "A" spirit link + shammy "B" healing tide
    2- Shammy "A" healing tide + shammy "B" spirit link + rogue "A" smokebomb
    3- Both shammys ascendance + druid tranq + rogue "B" smokebomb
    4- Shammy "A" spirit link + shammy "B" healing tide + warr "A" rallying + SP tranq (followed by Vamp embrace)
    5- Shammy "A" healing tide + shammy "B" spirit link + rogue "A" smokebomb + warr "B" rallying
    6- Both shammys ascendance + druid tranq + rogue "B" smokebomb + heroism

    as you can see our cd rotation looks more like that of a 25man lol first time we got to the 6th rampage with everyone alive we killed it.

    the Red breath dot hurts the most and so drains alot of mana. u should try to kill the red head before it breathes for the 3rd time. we tried to save a few dps cds for this head and had the shammys alternate with stormlash totems.

    looking at ur logs though i see ur dps is a fair bit lower than ours was and i think ur main issue may be the normal phases are maybe lasting too long? looking at ur logs the first person to die is usually the pala tank or someone with cinders. we found it best to instant dispel cinders (even on melee) past about the 3rd head. there is plenty of stacking room for rampage as the hitbox is huge. blue beams should be kited directly backwards out of the way.

    hard to say what ur exact problem is but i certainly think a bit more dps would help alot think we were averaging about the 100k mark each.

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    By the looks of things your paladin tank could have used Hand of Purity on himself a lot more to help ease the tank damage on himself. I also see that you've a second paladin who could also spec into it and they could rotate it to have even more uptime and make the damage from the tank DoT near trivial.

    I can't see Power Word: Barrier anywhere on your priests buff list but they should be using that just about every second rampage to negate a lot of the damage there. I'm also hearing that Divine Star is the best talent for Megaera as opposed to Cascade as it can be used twice during rampages and heals for a lot more because of this.]

    Your Resto druid's Lifebloom uptime is pretty poor tbh. Harmony isn't that great either but LB uptime is much worse. He should be aiming for near enough 100% uptime with these to make the most of the HoT buff and maximize Clearcasting procs, but is sitting at 70% uptime for Harmony and 45% for Lifebloom.

    Just out of interest what point in the fight are you actually dying at? Is it during a rampage or after you kill that last green head?

    Edit: I'm looking at your dispels for the evening and your paladin is miles ahead of everyone else. Do people die from Cinders very quickly? If so there could be a problem with healer reaction times with their dispels tbh
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    One thing I would tell you is that you do NOT want the red head up two times in a row. I'd recommend killing blue head after you kill the red head, so it would be GRGRBRG. Make sure nobody is multi-dotting at the expense of their single-target damage, as the remaining head is healed to full after the other is killed.

    These tips helped my group kill Megaera, hopefully it'll help yours. Good luck.

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    as the remaining head is healed to full after the other is killed.

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    We did the GRGRGR strat last week on our first attemps.

    The healing was harsh by the end, on the 5th rampage we used a Balance druid Tranquility to keep up, used Bloodlust on the 6th rampage.

    Healers need to rotate cooldown and not overwrite them, you should not use 2 big cooldowns at the same time. Also, people should choose and use survivability talent to ease up the heals.

    What we did is :
    - Get on green, kill it
    - Pack up in front of the Red Head during rampage, spread out once its finished.
    - Kill R head, go pack up in front of G Head
    - Repeat

    Make sure people are really spread out, because the closer you are to the AoE poison, the more damage you take. So if everyone is spread out, the damage is gonna be lower, this helped us a lot !

    Make you healers call what cooldown they are gonna use when a head dies so they coordinate themselves well and don't use more than necessary.

    Good luck !

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    Only really need cooldowns on Rampage 5 and 6. So save your cooldowns for those. Use your best cooldowns on the last rampage. We use Barrier followed by Devotion Aura on rampage 5, and Tranquility, Vampiric Embrace, Smoke Bomb, Rallying Cry, and another Devotion Aura on the last (depending who we have available in the raid). In my opinion the Rampages are no problem if your healers are okay. We never had problems with them. The real hard part of the fight is killing head 6 and head 7 when your healers have to constantly move from either Poison Bomb or the Frost Beam.

    As someone said in an earlier post, have your Paladins spec into Purity and rotate it on the tank who's tanking the Fire head. Pretty much negates most of the debuff.

    Your healer setup is the same as ours which is pretty strong in 10 man. Healing Rampage should be cake.

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    About the heads we ignore Blue one - going G/R/G/R/G/R/G
    Our setup (btw we 4-man heal it after lot of wipes 3-man healing it):
    Tanks: Blood DK and Guardian Druid
    Healers: Holy Pala, Disc Priest, Resto Shaman (me) and Holy Priest (normally Spriest)
    DPS: Desto Lock, BM Hunter, Fury Warrior and Unholy DK

    If possible try let your Elemental Shaman heal, but your other dps need to step it up so your tanks don't get to many stacks.
    For Rampage our CD rotation look like this - Disc Priest use Spirit Shell and Holy Pala use Light's Hammer every Rampage:
    1. Devotion Aura + Divine Hymn
    2. Spirit Link Totem + Ascendance (shaman cd) + Warrior Banner + Rallying Cry
    3. Barrier + Healing Tide Totem
    4. Devotion Aura + Divine Hymn + Anti Magic Zone (DK)
    5. Spirit Link Totem + Ascendance + Warrior Banner + Rallying Cry
    6. Barrier + Healing Tide Totem + Anti Magic Zone + Bloodlust

    Find a CD rotation that work for you and stick to it.
    Also during the last 2 "normal" phases make sure people use personal defensive cd's when they get the fire debuff as it hurt alot + alot of poisen bombs will land with this tactic.

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    My biggest suggestion would be to either switch to 2heal for an extra dps if you can get to the point where the tanks are only getting 2 breaths, or 4 heal if you are confident your dps will make it before 4 breaths. The reason this is is that you want as little of the red dot to be left on the tank when you hit rampage. That way it falls off sometime during rampage instead of lasting through the entire phase. So with 2 heals you would want to hit your second breath and kill the head a few seconds before the 3 breath goes off so you are only running 2 stacks of the red dot, and it has been running for a while already. 4 heals will help you deal with 3 stacks of red but if you get a 4th it is typically too crappy.

    So, good dps = 2 heal and have to kill head a lil bit before 3rd breath
    meh dps = 4 heal and kill head before 4th breath.

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    If you did not pug the frost mage, what would normally fill your tenth spot?

    Because you're so melee heavy I wouldn't go for green, rather I'd try taking down blue and red with your fifth head being the green. You're going to end up with a lot of crap on the ground with that approach and, afaik, the blue ice beam will not target a melee, at least we've never had it target one of ours.

    Otherwise Celic's suggestions for cooldown rotations are what really got us through our hump, along with use of personals where we had them.
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