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    Killing Horridon before Jalack

    So my guild is currently 11/12 but we only raid 7 hours a week so were having a lil bit of problem reaching Lei Shen with enought time to actualy try him and get a kill wich lead us to debate ways we can kill bosses faster.

    Our question, since we stop DPS on Horridon by the midle of 4th door to avoid getting Jalack along with the 4th door adds, can we kill Horridon before Jalack and them wipe/drop agro ? Will that count as a kill or is that a wipe ? Since Horridon is super dependant on the timers adds spawn its kinda hard to make that fight shorter so anything we can do to make the kill faster would be welcome.
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    If you kill Horridon Jalakk will despawn and you'll get your loot. Have fun.

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    7 hrs a day seems like alot

    you can kill horridon whenever you want but its stressfull on the healers when the offtank has a few warbears + jalack

    to speed things up you can skip the offtank on alot of fights - council, tortos, durumu ( hop the debuff ) , iron qun, ( hop the debuff ), twins

    1 tank with alot of vengence + 1 dps makes things die faster then 2 tanks with low vengence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeto View Post
    7 hrs a day seems like alot
    Ye I corrected it on my original post, its 7 hours a week, not a day, if it were 7 hours a day Id be extremelly depressed to be only 11/12 hehe.

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