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    For everyone still farming the books, I suggest you pick up a few (or maybe a lot) Potions of Luck to use while grinding mobs on the Isle. It won't make the book drop any faster, but it will make your farming sessions a LOT more profitable. Farming my last 2 books over a few hours I probably got 10k gold worth of extra gold drops and extra crafting mats from those chests.
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    Just need 2 more for the Kroshik achiev and my 10 gold chests for mine, fell behind playing an alt for a few weeks.

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    Finally got my Achievement completed the other day. I needed 2 books for god knows how long and couldn't be bothered to farm them because on Outland if you see someone of the opposite faction (especially a clothy) tanking 9+ adds, you must immediately gank them. Anyway the last 2 books dropped within 20 minutes of each other, I still looted like 2 torn books and another 2 of blood.

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    Still working on my books, I just can't be bothered to farm anymore.
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    Does anyone know if with the new patch there are actually any mobs that I can pull towards the Kirin Tor Wards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Kisu- View Post
    Still working on my books, I just can't be bothered to farm anymore.
    they actually just buffed the drop rate. within 5 mins of farming i had multiple blood,torn,warterlogged, and iron bound journals. i havent been having any luck with frayed though.

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    still missing a few

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