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    Thinking of race changing to Tauren, any input?

    Currently 1/12H, and I'm very well versed with pally tanks. Any how, I've been looking at the top paladin tanks (based on progression/ilvl) and they all seem to be Tauren. I was looking at their racials and the increased stamina seems it would be a benefit over Belfs. I'm looking for any inputs, I'm not looking for "roll what ever you think is cool" I'm looking more at top parsing and being competitive, so to get to the point would RC'ing to Tauren have any major benefits over staying belf?

    I should also add I'm running JC/LW and the haste build.

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    Yes, 5% more stamina. If you are trying to min/max your character, race change if you think it's worth it.

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    For tanking, the 5% health (not stamina) will be better than arcane torrent, which restores mana, and mana might as well not exist for paladin. For min/maxing, tauren is a clear choice. Blood elves will be better for holy.

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    It's 5% base health, not 5% health. It works out to about 7500 HP (regardless of gear, buffs, etc).

    It is still pretty much almost unarguably better, however I ran with a paladin tank in the past that preferred Blood Elf just because he preferred the smaller character model (gets less in the way of everything) which I think is a legitimate benefit for Blood Elves.

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    The health buff is tiny, also if you do switch I suggest going with a female since they are much smaller and on some fights the male taurens are a bitch to see around.
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    You'd get a bigger benefit dropping JC for BS.
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    Tauren have no boots, they have ankle wraps. even trolls have more boots... their ankle wraps at least look like they're plate, but on tauren it might as well be just cloth.

    and female tauren boots are even more ridiculous.

    thus.... screw 7500ish health from the racial. I might change if they update the models and if they look a bit better then. otherwise it stays blood elf.

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    As much as I agree that Tauren are the master race, don't change unless you truly just want to be Tauren.

    Changing for the sake of min/maxing is just a stupid reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aggixx View Post
    It's 5% base health, not 5% health. It works out to about 7500 HP (regardless of gear, buffs, etc).
    This. I'll give this the same verdict I've given for any instance of min/max race changing: You won't really notice the 7500 HP but it's there. And yes it's less than 1% of your max health as a geared tank, but you can get gibbed by less than 3500 HP worth of damage and that can mean a wipe.

    In my opinion, at 1/13H right now, it's not really worth it compared to the many, many other things you can do to improve your progression/play. But if you really want to, or if you just like the cows better, go for it by all means.

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    Why would you spend money on something you will hardly notice? Don't think it's worth it and also, Tauren models, IMO, are crap.

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    Tauren are awesome, and it looks awesome to have a tauren tank.

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    Holy Cow!

    ..oh wait, NOT!
    I still can't get it why Blizzard made Tauren be able to choose Paladin class?!
    I couldn't play a tauren as a paladin, to be honest, but yeah, You have more HP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thudin View Post
    Holy Cow!

    ..oh wait, NOT!
    I still can't get it why Blizzard made Tauren be able to choose Paladin class?!
    I couldn't play a tauren as a paladin, to be honest, but yeah, You have more HP.
    It's called Sunwalkers, which lore-wise isn't a paladin, but for gameplay-reasons they are paladins in game.

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    It all depends if you're willing to cough up €20/$25 for ~7500HP extra. To me I think it's a little too much money for such a small HP gain, but that's a personal opinion. If you really want to minmax to the bone, then you should go tauren.

    The comments about male taurens being big is also a valid issue, so you might want to consider female tauren. They also have a cool /dance .
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    You'll never feel like a real paladin ever again!
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    The actual number benefits of racials are entirely overrated anymore (save for trolls and their OP beast hunting skills). It's more about what kind of utility you'd like from whatever racial active you can make use of. As such, what race you play at this point in the game's design is entirely a choice that is up to you.


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