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    [Frost] Fix my dps

    Hello folks,

    i´m not sure if i´m doing everything right so i would appreciate if anyone could check my armory and log.
    I already studied the frost mage guide.
    Should i use frost bomb instead of nether tempest?
    Are my stat weights okay?
    Is there anything else maybe fight specific that i could change, i would really appreciate any hints you guys can give me .

    Here my profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ulian/advanced

    And our last logs: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-4wrtqumbq1gh3cwk/

    Thanks in advance

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    Judging by your logs, you're not really doing that bad. I'm no expert but from what I can tell you're putting up good numbers on the fights you linked. You're even or ahead of what I am doing with a 509 ilvl, which makes sense since you're 4 ahead.

    As for the bomb, I see people singing NT's praises all the time so I don't think you need to worry about that. I go with Frost Bomb because I like knowing exactly when I'm getting a Frostfire proc, and when used with adds I have been able to get up to 1.6 million off a single cast. MrRobot says you're totally optimized so outside of upgrading gear and getting some of that delicious haste, you're fine in that department.

    Of course I could be totally off on what a 513 frost mage should be getting numbers wise. I don't know. I just work here.

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    The logs are made with an iLvL of 507. Yesterday evening, after the raid he got new items.

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    Your logs don't look that bad from an execution standpoint on your end.


    That is the log from tonight's Maeg kill. We are by no means a great guild, but our overall dps is a lot higher than yours, and a longer fight will lower your numbers, generally. The only thing that really stood out to me is you have a higher uptime on brainfreeze than me, which leads me to believe you may be sitting on the procs too long. My log is with me at 505 ilevel btw. I don't know what other gear you have, but if you happen to have the 496 tier helm, shoulders, or chest I would use those over the 522 pieces for the 2 piece. It makes a lot of difference. That helm is pretty good for frost, but the chest just isn't.

    I'm also running a pure haste build going quick in yellow, reckless in red, and lightning in blue. This is the first week I've tried it and I feel my numbers have improved over my old gemming setup. Some advocate for this strategy, some against. I'm sold on it though.

    I'm Krausen in the logs, btw.

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    Im comparing your logs with mine(Especially the Council one), your fight is about a minute and a half longer than mine and you have 65 frostbolts and I have 86 frostbolts. You have 65 IL's i got 58 you got 37 FFB's i got 33 ive got 700 NT ticks off youve got about 570. To me the only problem really seems youre not spending your time casting spells.

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    I compared my logs on Megaera: i'm in slightly better gear, but did 30% more dps.
    Looks like Gronors made the right point: never stop casting (for example: I casted 21,1 frostbolts per minute, you did 12,7)

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    Argussonn, maybe he has too less haste ?

    You have about 22% and he only 15%, and maybe this is the reason why he has less frostbolts per minute.

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    Nope - assuming no buffs: with 22% haste you are able to cast 36,6 frostbolts per minute, with 15% its 34,5, so the difference comes from actual use of spell, not haste.

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    Part of the reason for his less usage of FB is because he proc'd more instants, 11 to be exact, burning that many more globals. Haste comes into play when evaluating the NT ticks as well.

    In reality, fight length will mark comparing logs very hard, same with haste. One thing is for certain, sim your character and consider going full haste gemming and reforges. I almost double your haste. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...tamagee/simple

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    I just checked you're Megaera and council fights. It looks like your not using your 3 minute cool downs as much as you should be. On Megaera, you use alter time, icy veins and mirror images 2 times in a 8 minute fight. Should be able to use each 3 times. Your jade serpent potion uptime seems low.

    The uptime is under 30 seconds and it says you gain it twice so either you're pre-potting way too early before pull or if you don't prepot, your using alter time when it has less than 6 seconds left to it. If you prepot right before pull, use a potion later and have alter time for both, the uptime should be close to 60 seconds.

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