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    Cool New Dimension next week, build off Live tonight

    As we wait for some 2.3 stuff to appear, here's a little "item" to keep all you Dimension builders happy, a new Dimension, set at Moonshade Pools

    The other views from this location include the dwarf village Three Springs, you can see Hammerknell from here plus tonight, Elrar will be hosting another "Dimension Thunderdome" build off live on Twitch

    Moonshade Pools Mayhem!

    Too bad it's April or else the title would have been perfect...

    But seriously, a new dimension arrives next week!

    The natural beauty of the Moonshade Highlands can at last be yours.

    We've got some awesome plans to celebrate its release:

    RIFTWATCH SUBSCRIBERS - Anyone who receives our Newsletter will get a special gift, two ferns to decorate your new abode. And between which you can groom your most masculine of facial hair.

    Sign Up TODAY @ https://rift.trionworlds.com/account...s!input.action

    TWO LIVE STREAMS - www.twitch.tv/trionworlds

    Dimensional Thunderdome - Friday, 4/12 @ 1:30PM Pacific: 3 Teams Enter, 1 Team Leaves. Show off your dimensioneering skills and compete for prizes!

    Moonshade Pools Tour - Friday, 4/19 @ 1:30PM Pacific: The two winners of our Joy of Dimensions Contest have been hard at work decorating their own Moonshade Pools. We'll show you just how awesome it can look!
    Source: http://forums.riftgame.com/official-...ls-mayhem.html

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    Looking forward to this one. Seriously wonder if I could pull off THE SHIRE!! Possibly Rivendale!

    What has been made by QQ can be unmade by QQ!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puremallace View Post
    Looking forward to this one. Seriously wonder if I could pull off THE SHIRE!! Possibly Rivendale!
    You have my sword! Would really like to see this.
    "You disgust me"- Grandma

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