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    Treant Buff

    The following summoned pets/totems will now chain cast their spells with no delay between casts, allowing them to cast their spells more frequently in the same amount of time.

    Druid: Force of Nature (Balance, Restoration)

    What do you think this'll do to our T4 talent choice?

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    For me currently my treants as of 5.2 are hitting about 10k unbuffed (no int procs or anything) so its like a 3rd dot. With 5.3 and being able to keep 1 up 90-100% of the time i think it will be a nice spell for movement fights. Will it outdamage incarnation? im no math expert so i leave it to them but i think in some cases it could. and seems it could be nice to have back.

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    With NG and 3.8k haste they cast 9 wraths, I think thats 1 more than from before the recent hotfix but I'm not 100%
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    Was messing around with WrathCals for the first time and it "told" me that treants are a bit higher deeps than incarnation for my gear (1.5k dps higher iirc). Maybe its the way it scales with my Woosholay's trinket and engineering gloves proc (the math says the treants scale really well with int procs), dunno, but when doing a quick self test on dummies I always got pretty close numbers when trying either one (INC or treants).

    Gotta tell you though, it took some time getting used to placing them. Found out that they would work just fine if I pop 'em right before I'm about to refresh/apply a dot. Also, spawn them right on top of me, if i place them a little far (i.e. 10yd) they would sometimes just spend some time walking towards me then start casting. So yeah, pop em on top me me (or right close to the side) and do a quick damage to boss (i.e. dot), this way my treants don't move from where i placed them and start casting wrath right away.

    Two things I really enjoy about treants:
    1) you can cast if ur one the move (vs poping INC and then having to move, ur screwed). Also, looked like if I'm moving and I treants is off cd, I can place them close to where I'm moving to and they will spawn and start casting wrath normally - I didn't see them moving/wasting time on our attempts on Lei Shen yesterday)

    2) a short/1min cd is usualy easier to align with bosses abilities (i.e. I remember doing Elegon, INC/NV would come off CD at about 1.5 minute before I could dps boss - i.e. during the orbs phase - thus coudln't use INC as much as I wanted. Well i could, but would go to a waste).

    Anyways, INC is still pretty good for fights with damage modifiers, but treants seem to be in a good place too (which is awesome imo).
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