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    Thinking of coming back....

    Hi all, wanted to get some opinions of the current state of things as I am looking to come back to wow after 3/4 year away.

    To give you a little background, I was a decent raider and a complete achievement whore, and when they removed the plagued and black proto-drakes with only a few months notice, I quit the game as I felt it was completely unjustified as me and my guild were only Immortal and poke in the eye away from getting the drakes (I am sure some disagree, but that's not the point here). But I can see now that these drakes are on the Black Market AH so I might just be tempted to come back.

    My question is... how often are these mounts on the AH? and how does the BMAH work? is there only 1 item up for sale across the entire server? or will multiple items of the same mounts be up for a limited time? Basically what I am asking is how realistic is it for me to expect me to get these mounts? I am not so bothered about the cost (I can image these will probably go for gold cap limite, but more about the availability? Also are these mounts now account wide?

    Also, what is the current state of raiding? when I was playing I wouldn't touch a pug raid with a 10 foot pole, but I hear now that is lot a more common?

    A lot of the changes I have been reading will suit my live right now (married with kids, so can't spend hours waiting for raids to form, then 4 hours raiding without moving away from my desk) as it appears a lot more can be achieved casually (the dreaded casual word, which I used to hate but now am)

    Opinions will be much appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I'm pretty sure it's only one of the naxxramas drakes that is in the BMAH and I'm also pretty sure that it is very very rare and besides that you will have many other people competing with you for it, mounts are account wide yeah.

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    Your chances are of getting that mount in the foreseeable future are very low.
    It has to first appear on the bmah which there is no guarantee it ever will on your server, then you have to win the bidding war against every other player interested in it on your server. Both factions. Your chances of managing that depend on how much gold you have, but you best be halfway to the goldcap, if not at it, if you want to be guaranteed the win.

    And yes, almost all mounts are account wide (far as i'm aware the only exceptions are some of the PvP ones?)

    As for PuG raids, use Openraid. It's awesome for that kind of stuff, although it does not work with the current tier raid, for those you'll need to use the LFR or server-specific pugs, and i wouldn't advice the latter.

    Give it a go, the game is undeniably, objectively better than it's ever been before. (the nostalgia factor will get a lot of people to disagree with that statement, obviously.)

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    Mounts are there for me it seemed once every 3 weeks or so, and sometimes 2 or so up at a time. There are usually 4-5 items up at a time not including Brawler's Guild invites. Mounts are account wide, and expect ones like Mimiron's Head or Invincible to go for gold cap. Onyxian Drake would be something like 400-700k. You get the idea. Also varies on server richness.

    Raiding is at a very good point. The instances and bosses are in general well designed, and difficult. It isn't as PuG friendly as say, WotLK was, but it is possible with competent people (especially as older raids or bosses for this expansion age).

    Overall this is the best the game has been for a long time now, I would say play it.
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    Thanks for the replies, so far the assessment of raiding seems to be unanimous. Can I please ask for more details regarding the drakes as these were the only reason I quit Wow.

    So am I correct in thinking that IF the drakes do go up on BMAH, only one goes up at a time? and if so how much (best guess) do the Naxx drakes go for? Can anyone confirm if both are potentially available?

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    Yes, one at a time. as for prices, chances are most people haven't seen one on their server. Check the Undermine for price history, this list being for US realms.

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    You can forget to PUG raids of the current tier. They are extremely difficult and noone will bring you into a succesful group unless you have the achievement or you are in a heroic raiding guild. If you are satisfied with last tier raids, use Openraid.

    Your odds of getting one specific item from the BMAH is very slim, and you'll need a huge amount of gold. I would say it's very unlikely that you'll get it.

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    Responses will be like in every other of these threads. Some will say it is well worth it, others tell you to stay away. AFAIK mounts remain in the game if you are a collector, they are still available (TK, ICC, Ulduar, Firelands).

    However since you say you quit over the removel of a couple of mounts, I am sure you will very quickly encounter new things that irk you too much.

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    Guys, I think you're all forgetting something, it's only the plagued proto drake that is in the BMAH, not the black one, I thought I could be wrong but I just did some googling and I didn't find anything about black proto drake in the BMAH, while when i searched for plagued I got lots of results.

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    Plauged might show up on the bmah, not the black
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