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    Elder Coin/Mogu Rune of Fate Addon

    Hi, I hear rumors of there being an addon that will announce in raid when somebody uses a coin and gets loot. I've done plenty of digging and cannot find it. Is there anyone with either news on the existence of this addon, and where I can find it? Thanks,


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    You can see it in Guild News.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akelina View Post
    You can see it in Guild News.
    The purpose of having the addon is for people to be able to see if they should use a coin or save a coin based on other players rolls. For example lets say X needs a weapon and tier and Y needs just the weapon. So we kill the boss and the weapon drops. X rolls a coin, keeping in mind there are both a weapon and tier he wants here, and he ends up getting the weapon. This addon will relay that information in real time (X rolling the coin, and what he won) so Y knows not to waste a coin because a 3rd weapon would just go to off spec.

    I guess it's nit-picky to want this kind of addon, but saving coins for bosses they would matter on just seems like a big deal to me.

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    I think "xloot" does that

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    I think oRA3 does this as well

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