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    ji kun heroic

    Hey guys im looking for some tips for ji kun heroic. The plan last night was to go demo/service to burst down the guardian nests, but every single time i dropped down my felguard despawned and i had no demonic rebirth which defeats the object.

    I ended up being a floater, doing the odd nest but mainly staying on the boss gaining the nutriment buff as affliction sacrifice.

    Im thinking detro/sac may be better as i could save my embers for the buff and hit x amount chaos bolts under providing more damage under the buff.

    How are others handling this fight spec and role wise? Is there a way around the pet despawnig?

    Thanks in advance

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    I use destro/sac, cause I didn't want to trouble myself with pet despawning.
    On each nest with RoF and Shadowburn spamming you end up with full embers, so you can unload everything on the boss once you get the buff.
    (And your healers will love you as you'll take absolutely no dmg from the Quills with Soul Leech).
    Was only doing nests 1-3-7-9-11-13, staying on the boss otherwise.

    With demonic teleport you can get back from Nest 1 without using a feather. So I used feather to get the buff on Feed 2 and 3 (while dpsing eggs on nest 3). Getting 3 more feathers (=4) on nest 3, I use one to get back then the others on Feed 4 and 5. The last one is for Feed 7 to kill the eggs quicker (still getting back with teleport).
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    go destro or affli.
    both have high burst, affli can sustain it a little longer than destro.

    destro has high AoE-Potential on the Eggs and gains Ember from executing little adds.
    affliction is a little weaker here, but also gains shards when drain-souling little adds.
    No, Kanrethad is not too hard.

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    Aff isn't weak at all on nests.

    SB:SS madness on adds and DS to get your shards back on the last one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banawani View Post
    Aff isn't weak at all on nests.

    SB:SS madness on adds and DS to get your shards back on the last one.
    i never said it's weak. destro bursts better.
    on my group, the adds died so quick, affli wasn't really an option for me.
    No, Kanrethad is not too hard.

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