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    Is there a large difference between pets using grimoire of supremacy as destro?

    The question stands in the title. I've heard the Observer should pull more dps than every other pet, but after some testing on dummies, it seems like they're all more or less dealing the same damage over time. I did not use optic blast on cooldown, is that the reason why Observer would outperform other pets?

    Also, Voidlord seemed to be the top damaging pet in my testing(10 minutes each on dummy, debuffed with curse of elements for each pet), which appears mighty weird as it should be the tanking pet.

    Any input about whether there's any remarkable difference between pets at all, is welcome.

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    Yes, they're all rather close. Optic blast on CD helps the observer, yes (it's a better focus dump). You can generally pick the pet you want based on the utility it brings for most fights, and if for some reason you don't use passive stance and manually control your pet, you might notice that imp does better in actual fights because the pets target switch with you otherwise.

    Also, pets seem to scale a bit differently based on your stats, if I recall correctly.

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    According to the latest simulations, the ranking in BiS gear is:

    1. Observer
    2. Voidlord
    3. Shivarra
    4. Fel Imp

    But as mentioned, the differences are small, less than 1% difference between the top(Observer) and bottom(Fel Imp). This is at BiS gear, and I haven't played Warlock in a while, so I don't know how they scale with gear, but I'd imagine the difference is small no matter what your gear level is.
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    Wait, voidlord is above shivarra and fel imp?

    What the hell...
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    Generally just use whatever pet you think best suits the situation. If it's not clear then use the Observer.

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    Thank you very much, shall keep it in mind.

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