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    10H Ra-Den world first down by CN Guild "Style" 13/04/13

    10H Ra-Den world first down by CN Guild "Style" 13/04/13, its also world 2nd Ra-den kill
    Lei shen was killed by Style 3-April-2013, they spend less than 60 tries to kill Ra-Den
    i cant post any link or picture due to post limit, if anyone can kindly give the link will be appreciated

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    dont have to say it here, people will notice it anyway.

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    Gonna wait for an official post tbh, as I would expect more bugs or something seems a bit fast tbh
    If its legit Massive Gratz.

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    asian guilds with there 8 higher ilvl 25 man gear that go down to 10 which is the same as the West 10 man difficulty arn't really considered kills by most. since you know they have like 538 average ilvl. like 5+ilvl higher than paragon, method, or any US/EU guild in BIS.....
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