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    vhudo heal trance

    I just moved from grid and is there any option to make vhudo show who was healed by aoe heal - just like on gridhealtrance mini addon. I would like to make border flash on everybody who got healed by aoe heal, it is possible or i just don't found that option.

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    I back to wow and again looking for trance my aoe heal on Vhudo - anyone know hit is possible to configure Vhudo to show who was healed by aoe heal ?

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    I don't think it is, I've been running VuhDo for a long time and I don't recall ever seeing something like that, though I've never seen the need for something like this anyway.

    As long as the targets (the raid) are being healed, what does it matter whether you healed it or not? I just track my HoT's on them and that's about it. Though, as a Monk my AoE healing is obviously tied to my HoT, so maybe that's why I see no use for this.

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