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    Looking for Exceptional Players that want to Join PvE Project

    We are currently looking for exceptional players for PvE Project which means we will be making a PvE Guild.
    We are in need of:
    1 Plate Tank (Dk/War/Paladin)
    2 Healers (Hpala/Disc Priest/MW Monk)
    Any Exceptional players will be considered

    The guild will be made on Ragnaros Alliance Side and for a start we just want to clear the current content and get ready to rush for spots amongst the rankings with a semi-hardcore system.
    We will be raiding 4 days a week from 19:30 to 23:00(and maybe a fifth raid for progression issues).
    Know how to play your class at its "peak"
    Have knowledge of the current content
    Have general experience in the World Of Warcraft (Older Tier experience or PvP accomplishments are a plus)
    Be 18 or older (If not then assure us that you can have control of you Life and be Mature enough to accept some things)
    Be prepared with all the consumables you must have
    Be able to attend in almost every raid (main roster)
    Don't be a loot "whiner" or a drama-queen (being competitive is okay as it keeps you fresh)
    Be able to accept critisism
    And last but not least have some common sense

    If you are intrested add my Battletag : CobraBanshee#2151
    or my Skype to have a short conversation : paschalis16
    Another useful Battletag is : Virgoo#1248

    Best Regards,

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    Please use the guild recruitment sections for this sort of thing - I would have moved it there but as I don't know what region you're in, I couldn't. You can just remake it in the right section though

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