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    5.3 Dungeons tweaks for the whole level range, unannounced feature hint?

    "In patch 5.3 the developers are going to tweak at which point dungeons are made available on the whole level 1-90 range "


    Very Interesting.

    If the new feature is level scaling for old instances(raids, quest zones) why should they rebalance all the dungeons in 5.3 when the feature
    is coming later in 5.4(or later)?
    Is the feature coming in 5.3, or is 5.3 maybe just a test run how the scaling would work in dungeons?

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    Tweak at which point dungeons are made available can simply mean you can queue for cata dungeons at like lvl 78 or something like that. I really wish they would fix the 68-72 range(IIRC) not being only utgarde keep, I've seen that place so many times leveling all my characters.

    Also wish they would make me able to queue for random panda dungeons at 90 to boost leveling friends like we could in cata.

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    What would be nice is if you could continue to run, say, random BC heroics till level 72 or whatever, and still get 100% XP, not 10%.

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    Sounds like they just mean they're fixing some of the deadzones where you have to run the same dungeon 20 times for 4 levels till you see a new one.

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    tbh they should add the mentoring feature that is in rift, where max level players can run any dungeon and it will scale you down in level and gear sort of how challenge mode does it, would be nice

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    i still think all dungeons should be scaled to the party's average item level. that way as you level from 1-90 you'll gain access to dungeons as you can now, but they'll stay in the pool of possible dungeons. loot could be level based rather than fixed, maybe give appropriate justice/valor at player/gear levels.
    you'd have to revamp some of the older ones, but would do away with the whole normals and heroic 5's, put some great content back into wider play, all for the cost of a little bit of code!
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    If they do that, they should do a "Glory of the Outland Hero" for Outland Heroic Dungeons, rename "Glory of the Hero" to "Glory of the Northrend Hero" and create new achievements for classic dungeons without heroic versions.

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    I think they said the unannounced feature would not be until 5.4 at the least.

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    Any changes on the PTR yet? Would be cool to be able to enter magister's terrace, steamvaults and arcatraz before level 68 when you're already in northrend.

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