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    Question Holy Dps ?

    hey i play a holy priest and would like to start soloing old raids and stuff, so just want to ask if anyone know the best way/stats for holy dps sins i do hate to play shadow .. i do about 16-30k dps while doing dailys.

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    I think crit/haste is the way to go, if I remember correctly.

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    okay thanks wil try that out NeXT time i head out and do somthing silly ^^

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    Some additional ideas, try what you want:

    Make sure you use Void Tendrils, Angelic Feather, Power Word: Solace, Twist of Fate, Divine Star, Lightspring Glyph, Smite Glyph, and PoM Glyph. Spectral Guise may be preferred as you can stealth past some mobs instead of killing them. Put a feather down first and then Spectral Guise + run through the feather, you will get a 6-second stealth run at 60%. Never tank mobs if you don't have to, use void tendrils and fear them a few seconds later to interrupt them from killing the tendrils. SWP and Mind Sear/DS groups but be careful not to oom yourself. Halo is your biggest AoE damage if you can stay at range but I prefer the better control and shorter cooldown of DS which will heal yourself for much more than Halo and do better damage to mobs on top of you. GL.

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    iam doing fine on the trash mobs my problem more seem to be able to dps Down the boss's befor they Rage out , but thanks for all the tip's alot of help to make it more smoth .

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