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    Possible Hearthstone... information

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    Alright. The first time I posted this, the thread was locked. I see the subforum moderator did not believe this is leaked information and was sceptical that I made it up myself. I understand the reasoning behind the decision to lock the thread, it is controversial information after all. My expectations were to leave this somewhere open for discussion until some time later it is proven to be true. I posted the leaked Mage and Shaman card information at the end of the post specifically to legitimate myself. And guess what happens mere hours later? Blizzard presents a Mage vs Shaman duel, with two of the cards I revealed being exactly the same (Mirror Image and Sorcerer's Apprentice) and three other new cards I mentioned also being there (Argent Commander, Windspeaker, Water Elemental).

    Okay, I will no longer say it is a leak. I won't say it's from internal sources at Blizzard. I will just put the original text on the internet once again (on multiple websites) with the clarification that everyone is free to interpret it differently and personally decide if it is fake or legit. In the end, it just helps the whole community if people are aware of this information and the possibility that it could be real.


    So, xskarma, you wanted proof and I gave you that proof pretty fast. I hope you will stay by your word and either leave this thread open, or unlock the old thread.

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    Reopened your other thread. If you have issues with closed threads it's usually better to contact the moderation staff directly instead of creating a new thread. We can usually tell you why a thread was closed, or ask other mods/admins for guidance on what to do with a thread to see if things can be changed.

    Closing this thread to prevent having 2 threads on the same topic, though.

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