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    These all new changes..


    I've played wow for quite a long time now.. And have always liked it.
    It all started back in 2000 when I played the RTS games. I really got into it, because it was fun to play and it had some good lore.
    When I started playing wow, things were harder to accomplish then today.

    Today you have so many tools.. LFR, Dungeon Finder, etc. You play the user interface instead the game. (My opinion)
    I remember using the meeting stones good old times.

    I liked WoW because I got rewarded for spending time in it, was better then my friends.. and got the gear that took me months to get.. While even be in a one of the best PvE guilds on the server. Today? Today u port to the Timeless Isle and farm rare mobs.

    While I really liked the PvE in the other expansions, I wasnt really a PvE player.. I had always focussed on PvP.
    I remember in Vanilla asking a friend to play some BG's on my hunter so I wont lose my rank 14 .

    Sure.. They have changed bad things to good things. But most of all, they have changed the game to somewhat runescape ish but with better graphics.

    When the lore from the RTS games ended, when we stood there ontop of ICC yelling we got server first for ICC 25 HC. That was great, loved that expac it had the lore. Wow died after Arthas died. I mean comeon.. Cataclysm? From there on things were a joke.
    Im sure there are folks out there that disagree with me, saying Cata was a good expansion. Thats alright, because thats your opinion!

    But for me.. It died. The game is toooo easy for the majority.
    They just took away the fun aspects of the game.. take for example eyes of the beasts (for hunters)

    Oh and the most of all!! Running around farming Bloodcoins on the Timeless Isle while being fully Grievous PvP gear. And then get killed by a Warlock with 800k HP and full PvE gear.. Yes World PvP also no longer excists.

    But I enjoyed the game, and the players I played with and thanks for that .

    I'm only telling you that the Lich King is dead, and that World of Warcraft died with him.
    And this is not lore based, but based on the changes.


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    Thanks for your copy pasted input. We can all sleep better tonight.


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    I feel like I've heard this before... Somewhere... Can't put my finger on where though...

    Trump this, Trump that

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    I hope you enjoy whatever you play now! However, threads like this don't promote discussion and therefore aren't allowed.

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