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    Heroic Garrosh 25 men: can psyfiend be used to interupt in the intermission?

    I used to use Psychic Scream, while leveling, not to fear the mob, but to interupt is cast (that was before we has Silence, unless you spec'ed into it), and I was wondering if that "technique" could be used to interupt the little shas (what's their names), in the intermission phase. If it was to work, could dropping a Psyfiend smack in the middle of the 3 do the work, and interupt them all together, until they die?

    I suppose they are immune, I haven't tried, anyone can confirm/infirm this? Thanks.

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    The only things that can interrupt them are interrupts, silence effects (silence doesn't stick though, it'll act like an interrupt, otherwise solar beam would be the go-to ability for the phase), and stuns. Nothing else'll work, I believe.

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    Well thanks for the unique answer, guess it makes sense.

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