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    How many mounts do you have?

    So a while ago i decided i was gonna work my way up to the 200 Mount achievement coming soon, currently at 176 mounts and im kinda stuck here, farming raids for mounts every reset. (Still got those dreadful Argent Tournament 100 mark mounts left to do ugh...)

    Seeing as it's late and i'm bored i'd like to know how many mounts you guys have

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    Pit Lord
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    162. also stuck. not bored enough to farm old raid mounts.

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    174, but again cba to farm things like ashes etc

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    There's actually a thread like this already the next page over.!

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    232 in-game count, still need all the rare dino drops, a few boss drops, a couple of metas and the Tournament mounts.

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    Currently not playing my main account since I can't justify paying for a game at the moment, but I have 30 mounts on my trial account as well as all the level 40 mounts in the bank in case I ever upgrade that account.

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    202, couple more class-specific characters.

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    191 mounts, 194 if I'm on my paladin.

    I'm planning to make a JC panther, DS glory achieve, sea turtle and red/black and bone white primal raptors as my last mounts. Isle of Giants grind feels horrible though.

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    I got a lot of work to get to 200...

    Though I should easily be able to get to 180 in a month if I did argent tourney and tol barad dailies...
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    191 on my Paladin (Main), missing most of the Meta mounts of WotLK, all the Cata ones too, one Cata world mount (Poseidus), the raptors from the eggs, the Direhorns from the Warbringers, five 5-man mounts (All Cata era), Ashes from TBC, and all the rare boss drop mounts from WotLK/Cata raids.
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    220 unique on my main. Really wish they'd add a 225 or 250 achi together with the coming 200 one. AND, I sure wish they'd move away from boring dragonhawks...

    Easily gonna reach 230+ with the tcg mounts Ashes of Al'ar this thursday and quickly running out of soloable mount farms.
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    MogIt probably.

    Grrrr. I really loath the Argent dailies.
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    227 :| less then 1k bones for my white primal raptor, cant w8
    running out of mounts to farm that aint a raid mount

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    Last time i checked.. I think like 103 not that many now days.

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    In-game says 210, website says 238

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    With both factions or just my main?
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    only 143...but I still need 3 argent tourney mounts and both TB mounts....dunno how easy i can get the others on a small pop realm though

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    183. Still missing quite a few like the Warbringer mounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valech View Post
    162. also stuck. not bored enough to farm old raid mounts.
    Haha, damn MoP is too interesting I can't find time to solo old stuff anymore either :P
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    My main has 241.

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