Diamond League (A) - 10 Man 2/13 Heroic T15 - Frostmourne

Diamond League are Recruiting!!!
Diamond League Details

Website: >diamondleagueguild.enjin.com<
Raid Days: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sun.
Raid Hours: 8:30pm till 11:30pm EST
Classes: 2 x Ranged DPS - Considering: Mage, Hunter and Shadow Priest and 1 x Healer - Considering: Restoration Shaman and Mistweaver Monk.

Diamond League is a 10 man Raiding guild on Frostmourne. We raid from 8:30pm till 11:30pm EST on a Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday raid week. We have enjoyed a solid amount of progression since the release of 5.2 and have progressed and killed Heroic Ji'Kun and Heroic Jihn'Rohk. We have a well focused attitude to raiding and are a tight knit of players who are dedicated and friendly.We are promising to push Heroic bosses quickly and efficiently as we move forward and are also looking to bolster our raiding roster for this Tier.

The kind of level of player we are hoping to recruit are players who already have solid knowledge of all Throne of Thunder Normals and have begun research and experience on the first set of Heroic Bosses. A strong level of class knowledge and raid awareness is expected, as is a friendly and committed attitude.

Exceptional players outside of the above recruitment classes are encouraged and welcome to apply. You can apply at: >diamondleagueguild.enjin.com/<

Please Contact either: Syrendia, Darchalo or any of our other members on Frostmourne and we will be happy to direct you to our site or answer any questions you may have.