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    [H 25m]Internet Champions @ Bleeding Hollow - Need Deeps!

    Internet Champions started raiding again on Jan 15th with the hopes of catching up to the pack in time for Throne of Thunder, and so far we have been pretty successful. We are currently 9/12 in the Throne of Thunder and we could really use some dps to help progress through the rest of this raid instance. Not deeps? That's ok, we always welcome good apps no matter what role you are playing. So read on and if you like what you see check us out!

    Website: wwwDOTinternetchampionsDOTorg
    Raiding Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 9:30pm - 12:30am est
    5.1 Progress: 16/16
    ToT Progress: 9/12

    What we're looking for (class wise)

    We are currently humoring any form of dps.

    What our Guild can offer:

    * Light Raid Hours
    Raiding a lighter schedule (9 hours), but take it seriously when we do raid.
    * Relaxed Environment
    Our guild is mostly older (mid 20's and up) and the raiding environment is friendly and relaxed.
    * Small Guild Size
    We recruit people to raid, not sit on the bench and hope for a raid spot. We've never really gone beyond 30 raiders ever.

    Ideal Candidates:

    * Mature. Over 18.
    * Performance
    Not necessarily a meters champion, but we're looking for people who can maximize their dps or healing around the niches of any encounter. (i.e., consistent performer on any encounter.)
    * Awareness
    We are not interested in people with Recount or Raid Frame tunnel-vision. We want players who can adapt quickly and effectively against raid encounters. (i.e. people who don't stand in fire and/or void zones.)
    * Attitude
    We will raid short rather than recruit people with crappy attitudes, diva-ish behavior or emo drama queens. We are a small, tight knit, friendly guild...we absolutely refuse to recruit anyone who even gives the impression of being a prick and not fitting in.

    How to Apply
    Apply at our website (wwwDOTinternetchampionsDOT.org)

    Or contact with any questions

    Giglol (Battletag: Gig#1661)
    Denegooch (Battletag: Stewartbrown#1510)
    Donkeylipz (Battletag: Lungs#1287)

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    Hey guys we are still looking for people!

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    bumping, still looking for dps

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    Bumpity bump. Sup 10/12, 11/12 on Sunday for sure. BRING IT.

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    Need more plate soaks

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    Bump! Looking for a potential 6th healer and hunter!

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