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    [A][10m] 7/13H Mitosis LF Hunter and Warlock [12 hr/wk]

    Mitosis (mitosisguild.com 7/13H) on Malygos is currently looking to recruit both a skilled Hunter and a Warlock.

    We raid four nights a week, Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday 8-11 EST.

    We value player skill much more highly than what your gear looks like, and good situational awareness is extremely important to us. Our roster is always exactly 10 players so we do not recruit for the bench, if you are accepted you will always have a spot in raids.

    If you have any further questions: add either Tyroneqt#1309, Rhaze#1638, or Trajedy#1372 via battletag and we can answer anything you need to know.
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    Still looking, immediate spots available.

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    Bump for working on heroic Megaera.

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    Bump, looking for quality players.

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    Bumping this.

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    Still looking.

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    Bump for 7/13H.

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