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    So I heard you like Vanilla reminiscing...

    I've been playing this game since Classic and I have a lot of fond memories in addition to a few negative ones. It's funny reading the "Vanilla was so awesome" threads because it will always spur the rose tinted lens vs. golden age arguments.

    I was sent this blog by a friend of mine and truly enjoyed reading it. It reads like an autobiography and is perhaps one of the most unbiased recollections of what it was like playing in Vanilla/TBC/WoTLK. If you want to relive the "old days" or just want an insight of what it was like playing WoW in it's infancy, this is a great read. You get a sense of the epicness that PvE was back then AND all the headaches that we faced.


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    this is really entertaining!! the nostalgia almost makes my belly hurt

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    "Dammit, who specced into Deep Wounds?"

    It was totally me. That essentially wraps up my Classic WoW experience.
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    I remember my first epic adventure to Blackfathom Deeps. It was the first journey I took in the game. I had to check maps on how to get there.

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    I remember the first time going to MC and Onyxia in the same day. I was terrified I wouldn't be able to heal our MT during both raids. Such fun and exciting times.

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    Vanilla was really fun at times and really horrendous at others. I don't agree with those who look back on it with 100% fondness. I had just as many frustrating and annoying moments as I did enjoyable and great ones, very much like things are now.

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    fun stuff, there are definitely things I miss, other things, such as flight I could not do without

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphrel View Post
    this is really entertaining!! the nostalgia almost makes my belly hurt
    No it doesn't. Admit it.

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