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    Live Update Threads

    I was wondering if maybe (and I'm no programming or website designing acolyte) it would be possible to make high volume threads become a live feed instead of having to refresh the page constantly?

    I think the idea of extremely hot topics becoming live feeds, such as the Boston Marathon one right now, would be a good thing. Maybe something a Moderator could enable once a thread becomes extremely hot, and could then turn off once the sheer volume of posts per minute have decreased.

    Tell me I'm stupid if this is nigh impossible or not worth the time it takes to refresh a page :P

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    Although not answering your question (at alll in fact), a better way than purely refresh and try to find your spot is to click the post-number (#xx) in the right hand side of the bar dividing posts; Then you'll be directed to the same spot the thread is at where you finished (as well as updating your URL to give you a chance to bookmark the spot if no further progress is made at that time).
    I hope this will at least ease your troubles, albeit not fix the issue of manual input.

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    You could just bookmark ?goto=newpost instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treeston View Post
    You could just bookmark ?goto=newpost instead.
    and load all the header inormation again? I know most people have flat rates for internet, but still, no reason to create unneeded traffic.

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    It's not that I have an issue with refreshing pages and clicking "Go to new post", but when a thread is as viral as the Boston Marathon one was, by the time I clicked "Go to new post" I'd have 30+ posts to read through, and it would keep happening.

    I was just thinking maybe a live feed for such threads could be useful to see information as it comes in. Like I said, I'm not even remotely good at programming, coding, or HTML. Just a thought.

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