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    I tried MM and I found it not so good. The heads are at 80-100% for like 5-10 seconds, max 3 aimed shots..
    He was referring to the Instant Aimed Shots on the non-killed head so they guarantee crit. Even so in my 25man group the non-killed heads are are under 80% by time the main head is at 50% because of warlocks and boomkins.

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    yea that speaks more about the raid than him.. if he's topping meters as MM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiea View Post
    Yeah thought it was something like that.

    Which means, you dont black arrow another head, since it's wasted.
    They are just fishing for a quicker proc to get it back on the icd. Personally I fire an explosive trap out at where the next head spawns after I use readiness since the first head dies so fast with everyone pre-potting and using cds. This is also what I do when BA is off cd but the head is only going to live 5-10 seconds, not sure if that is good or bad but I hate not having it on cd and I also hate losing half of it because the target dies.

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    scumbag DPSing, if the SrS uptime is > 50% on the offtarget, i'd kick him from the guild without a question

    the only damage he might be doing on the offtarget:
    - barrage
    - a cobra shot or two to cap focus on phase change (with some pet damage, he'll will assist)
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    That would be scumbag dps =p. Single target everything, you want to get each phase down as quick as possible so you deal with less mechanics.
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