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    Macro help for chain Soul Swap

    Since Soul Swap doesn't snapshot your stats when you exhale dots, I wanted to make a macro to make it easier to use. I made one like /castsequence reset=10 soul swap, [@focus] soul swap exhale, [@focus] soul swap, soul swap exhale. Probably this macro is wrong in many ways and I'm almost sure that targetlasttarget is a syntax error but I couldn't come up with a solution.
    EDIT: It was late when I posted, just realized I don't need targetlasttarget but macro still not working
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    I tried to do something of the sort just for laziness's sake, but I did not manage do get it right. I'm not sure about it in any way, but I believe a macro you would just press four times (without hitting any modifier) to SS back and forth between target and focus is not doable (it would require a target change inside the castsequence).

    Of course there's always the option to do :
    /cast [@focus,mod:shift][@target] Soul Swap
    and then hit Bind, Shift+Bind, Shift+Bind, Bind, but that's not what you are after ;-)
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