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    What's lame; the stats I picked? They're just to make a point. But about the STR removal; who's to say you have to? Let's say you leave STR AP for HPal; now they can go stand in melee and smack the boss for mana like they (usually) do now, they'll just contribute a [small] bit more than they do currently. Still well under the amount of dps contribution from a disc, for example. And if they want to work in J/CS for HoPo gains alongside Holy Shock, what's the problem in that? It'd be like fist-weaving for HPal, which really fits the class more, thematically, anyway. It's not like we don't have precedent for that type of "hybrid healing" either, and factoring in the prominent use/abuse of disc this expansion as a "half-dps" spec to beat enrages, I'd be surprised if we don't see more parity in healer DPS going forward.
    I asked this and got a lot of positive responses, but basically, not everyone wants paladins to heal like "fistweaving," in fact, a lot outright dislike that idea.

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    I guess the thought is that it's an option, rather than a requirement. Much like actual fistweaving for monks. It would be a concious option to give up some pure healing in favor of DPS/style of healing. But yes, I recall a similar outcry when we were discussing the 2H Int mace...personally, I don't get how having MORE options is a bad thing, but whatever...

    The only spec that REQUIRES DPS to heal (effectively) would be Disc.
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    We'll all be appropriately shocked/amazed when Nairobi actually gets an avatar, but until then, let's try to not derail the thread heckling him about it.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    If it was that easy don't you think we would have figured that out? (Source)
    20k and counting...

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