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    Heroic 10m Tortos

    My group is going in to Heroic Tortos this week after our progression on Heroic Horridon finally comes to a close. We have briefly seen the mechanics and I have to say I was struggling to max out/keep up the shields next to my monk healer. I have noticed on WoL that Monk is dominating the healing charts for this, but I was sitting at almost half the HPS and over all when we were wiping while shields were dropping. On a side note, I am still utilizing 4 piece Tier 14 for this fight.

    What are some strategies that you guys have been using to maximize the Holy Paladin output? Do you guys initially have the group stack and go to town on Holy Radiance/Holy Shock with Daybreak and Infusion procs? Stack a bunch of 1-2 HoPo Eternal Flames on every one? Utilize Holy Avenger and get a bunch of 3 HoPo EF on every one? Some thing else I am missing?

    Edit: Should be obvious, but I forgot to mention that I am playing Holy.
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    The priest in my kill went holy for this fight and previously was Disc and we just killed this last week. At the beginning when things were still rough he was beating my heals by a ton. I was almost getting outhealed by the blood death knight who was close to the priest and I'm not a talented player but I typically know what I'm doing so I wouldn't feel bad. That being said, here's what I'm doing.

    The fight essentially goes in phases of stomp, heavy rockfall, turtles, bats, kick turtle (just like normal). You typically have around 10 seconds to stack the shield is everything goes well and maybe 5 seconds if things go to shit before the stomp. The down period during this is after the turtles are killed and the bats are out. I wouldn't recommend stacking because I don't think it's necessary and could be dangerous for kicking shells (rockfalls targeting the group, everyone needing to move when turtles are coming towards the group).

    What my raid is doing is splitting up the groups in 2. I'm in charge of healing up shields on 2 dps and the tanks. Your monk healer can be assigned to the other group. If you set it up this way at least you can eliminate the guess work of finding someone to top off a little. I typically save up 5 hp going into the peaceful period after the bats come down to start stacking the 3 HP flames on everyone I'm assigned to. Sometimes things are very chaotic and people don't grab shields till late or something and that's when I use my holy avenger. I also try to use it on cooldown if things are going well. If you just put 1-2 holy shock and a 3 HP eternal flame on someone they will eventually be almost maxed by stomp and you can pretty much forget about them and move on to other players. Holy prism is boss for this fight btw so I'd definitely recommend grabbing that and remember you can always bop people through the physical damage at least. Also keep an eye on your boss tank as he will be taking a lot of damage and needs to have the shield up before stomp for sure.

    I'll say this because for some reason even 80% into our attempts people were arguing about it and your guild might already know but if you stand next to the rockfall you will still take damage. If you're right outside the blue circle you will take some wheres of 100K damage so everyone needs to run away from these when they're appearing during this phase. You can avoid a lot of unecessary damage with this. Also the turtles must be slowed (I can't stress this enough through words) and bats must be misdirected/tanked/grabbed before they land or closely after. Everyone has their own individual role in this fight, nothing complicated but they must do it perfectly throughout the 8-9 minutes.
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    I think the focusing on less people will make this easier and is a good idea on how to handle the encounter. I can't imagine the monk focusing on only 5 people seeing as he can easily sustain and keep those shields stacked for the entire raid. But if he at least knows that I will be watching group 1 for example, we shouldn't have much of an issue. What I am gathering from this is that the shields stack pretty quickly (even with the 1-2 HoPo EF) and it is actually on every one not to stand in shit...

    We do know about the range based damage mechanic on the stalactites, so once again, it comes down to people not being dumb.

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    I 2heal this fight with a disc priest and do pretty well.

    First kill: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-wj...?s=4536&e=4953
    Latest kill: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-69...?s=8595&e=9007

    I usually spec;
    - Clemency for double bop on the sham (ancestral guidance during quake stomp)
    - Holy Avenger for big EF blanketing to stack the shield
    - Execution Sentence to keep tank alive through bats, however holy prism would be better raid healing

    Your role in this fight depends who you are healing with. Mistweavers are fantastic for aoe healing this fight (very little overhealing from renewing mist/uplift) so you will probably have to focus on the tank, as I do. In an ideal world you want to keep the shell on everyone at all times, which may be possible with a prot pally or a third healer, but pretty difficult with just the two of you. Focus on keeping the shell maxed on the bats tank, as this makes it much easier to keep him high enough to prevent the bats healing. Other than that I generally just EF blanket (I do it with 1 hp outside of holy avenger), using divine light on the tank to generate holy power. I don't find much use for holy radiance on this fight, if you can convince your raid to stack up more maybe you can get some use out of it.

    Other than that I can only think of a few general tips.
    Devotion aura doesn't work on the quake stomp, but it does work on the rockfall damage afterwards.
    Make sure you track both debuffs (crystal shell AND crystal shell full capacity) so you know when you the shields are maxed.
    Tortos hitbox is huge so you can always be meleeing him for mana.
    We found it was easier for the tank to pick up the bats when I used RF, but it requires you to be aware when they are coming down because if the angle they decend is really sharp you have to run away from them so he can hit them before you. Depends on you/your tank.

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    Palawin, this video was actually very helpful for positioning! Thanks! Some times I forget that I can CS for HoPo... Switching to Holy Avenger and building more HoPo picked my healing up enough to rank on our first kill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nioso View Post
    Palawin, this video was actually very helpful for positioning! Thanks! Some times I forget that I can CS for HoPo... Switching to Holy Avenger and building more HoPo picked my healing up enough to rank on our first kill.
    Glad to hear it, congrats!

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