So I just came back from a lengthy break and since raiding has become faceroll even in normals for the most part, I thought I'd PvP again (the last time being season 1 and 2 when Warrior/RestoShaman destroyed with Windfury totem and Earth Shield)

Problem is, my server just sucks. It has no real PvP guilds, World PvP is regulated to ganks at the teleport pad in Blast Lands, and everywhere else is carebears and cuddles. I've done a bit of research and it seems battlegroups have been thrown out the window (?) so the constant 5 hours of BG losing is just bad luck, or do the Horde suck that bad these days?

The main thing I can't find via just searching is a server that is good for a strictly PvP minded warrior. I'll probably get the same thing here, but one guy will say the server is amazing, while the next says run as fast as you can. So any server suggestions would be excellent.

Second order of business is comps for 2's and 3's as a warrior. I keep getting told different things and reading different things about 2's comps. Everything from "reroll" to "get a Rdruid and just destroy everything. The main thing that keeps popping up is a Hpally/RDruid, or a Warlock/Mage depending if I want to go healer or double damage. In my experience on my current server (Lightning's Blade) everyone just sucks ass so I can't gauge how the comps are working out.

Final question is a good guide, I've had people direct me to Noxxic the most, and its helpful of course, just wanted some second opinions.

I don't like doing things half assed, its why I stopped raiding, half the people were serious, while half got carried and brought the group down.

Any help would be appreciated.