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    Question Will You Buy The Diablo 3 Expansion?

    Simple question

    For me: No

    Not unless substantial improvements are made that overlook the horrendous forced story line and absurd RNG itemization drops that force people to use the AH or pure luck to gear up.

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    I wont buy it, but if they do another "anual pass" I will take that opertunity since I plan on keep playing wow, but since its a expansion I hope its 6months only now
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    Yes, D3 is still a fun game to play, i took some time off from the game and now i came back, and im loving it again

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    no. i was never really a fan of dungeon crawling anyway. i got the annual pass for the beta invite. D3 was icing on my cake. i tried it out. it was interesting, but i hate downing a challenging boss and getting gear that would help my lvl 14 alt more then my lvl 50 main. so it lost me after Nightmare. truth be told, if it didnt come free with the annual pass, i wouldnt have bought it anyways.
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    It was fun for me too for a little while, but I'm already getting tired out.

    The only reason I have ANY gear is because someone was nice enough to hand me a budget set and put me at 30-40k DPS

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    Nope. The click to move it too annoying to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post
    Simple question

    For me: No

    Not unless substantial improvements are made that overlook the horrendous forced story line and absurd RNG itemization drops that force people to use the AH or pure luck to gear up.
    So basically you want the game to not be at all like D2? D3 had it's flaws, but those weren't them. The RNG of loot was actually worse in D2, it's just that D3 gave you a significantly faster and better route to gear with ideal stats (AH) which made the RNG loot look really really unappealing. In D2 it was pure luck or trading and hope you didn't get scammed. :P I'll give you the story though.

    Currently most of the issues with D3 have been fixed decently, aside from the auction house which they can't really get rid of. I'll probably buy the expansion but I can't say for sure until I see what they're planning. Even with it's flaws I got more play time out of D3 than I do with most other games, so assuming the expansion is priced as an expansion and it provides a similar length/level of entertainment it would be silly for me not to buy it.

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    i cant wait for the expansion. doesnt matter what blizzard will do ill buy it blindly. spend 300h on diablo so it was worth it. other games that you pay 60$ are worth playing 20h max.

    Sure diablo 3 aint perfect but its a good game, with some tweeks to the itemisation the game can be great. I would ad a cap on stats like crit cap at 30% so people wouldnt just go and buy crit on every item from ah and then complain that theyr drops are shit if they already bought the best possible gear:P

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    D2 was improved vastly by its expansion, if they do the same and maybe even remove some of the malign shit in D3 i could see it being great.

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    I enjoyed Diablo 3 but I won't buy the expansion. I got D3 because I loved D2 so much but what I expect from a video game has changed, especially since I'm nearly 30 now. I don't want or need a grinder to sink hundreds of hours into, I'm old enough to have a job, relationship, and hobbies to keep me busy now.

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    most likely, ye. it's hasn't become my new game addiction as i hoped but i still play it regularly, if only a couple of hours a week.

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    I'll only buy it if it improves the game more so than D2's expansion did. Hope they add in dual-analog controller support as well so my cousin will pick it up, hell, even I might play it like that. Clicking to move is archaic design at this point unless you're a point n' click adventure.

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    I'm not sure yet. I absolutely loved D2, and played it for a long time when I was younger. I think I went into D3 with too high of expectations, and was thus disappointed with it. I haven't played it in a while, due to not having much time at all, and using the small amount of time I do have primarily for WoW. I'd like to go back to D3 at some point and give it another chance before I decide.

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    Totally. The story was garbage, but I had a bunch of fun with D3 for the month or so I played it. I expect the expansion should definitely be worth the price of a download. ^^

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    Probably, assuming they've got their act together

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    It's going to depend on what the expansion offers. I remember how much fun I had when D2 got its expansion. If there is something that brings the fun level up a bit in D3, then sure, I will give it a shot. If there isn't anything new that grabs my attention, I won't pick it up right away, or maybe not at all.

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    Nope unless I get it for free hehe.

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    Not interested to pay 40€ for the next beta test for the console release.

    I'll rather play Path of Exile.

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