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    Depends on the price.
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    No, I'm not gonna buy it untill it will cost 10 euros or less, not gonna fall to the hype again. Even tho i played hundreds of hours (not farming but leveling different chars) and sold items for 400 euros, I still think they pretty much failed with diablo 3 because in the end, the game spins around the AH and not the other way around which in my opinion makes it not a game but some stock market simulator which is not fun. It's a shame really, I really enjoyed the game the first 7 hours (until i finished it on normal), but after that it was grind grind grind, and I don't mind grind but give me a reason to do it, and there is no such thing since there are no rewards for grinding in diablo 3.

    I often wonder how can it be possible that when an item drops in diablo 3 , the first thing i can think off is "i wonder how bad this item is" and not "how good it is". The core of this game is broken + there have been so many cool things removed right before the actual release that in comparison with what diablo had before release (skill trees, charms, etc.), this is simply an unfinished product.

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    Depends on its features.
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    What a strange question to ask. No one knows anything about an expansion to D3 at the moment. There will most lilkely be atleast 5 patches to come before they even announce such a plan, if there ever will be one.
    So at this moment the question is irrelevant

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultragrisen View Post
    What a strange question to ask. No one knows anything about an expansion to D3 at the moment. There will most lilkely be atleast 5 patches to come before they even announce such a plan, if there ever will be one.
    So at this moment the question is irrelevant
    I know that the same people who made D3 will be making the expansions. That's enough to tell me not to purchase it, on principal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lomak View Post
    I know that the same people who made D3 will be making the expansions. That's enough to tell me not to purchase it, on principal.
    Technically not 100% accurate, considering Jay Wilson, the game director of D3, moved onto a different project in January.

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    I'd get it even if D3 was the failure of the century.
    I'd even get it if i knew i would not have time to play it more then 2 hours a month.
    Just because i want it in my collection, and i actually pay money for game like once a year so i don't care even if it costs 200$.

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    also consider they are still working on patches along with the changed for items in the patches after 1.0.8

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    Big question for me, really depends on the price.

    A bonus that could make me more interested would be getting Paladin class of course loved it in D2.

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    Where is the maybe option?

    that is where I stand at the moment

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    I've voted no but I'm still gonna purchase it if enough friends are going to buy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirPiken View Post
    Nope. The click to move it too annoying to me.
    bind it to spacebar then....

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    What do I get? SHIT S H I T nothing but garbage. You know how I got my gear? I didn't get it by drops fuck no all I did was the manipulation of the auction house not a single of my gear is fucking found.

    God the game makes me mad and PoE fucking failed me too I destroyed that game so I have nothing to play but DotA 24/7 now


    Yes of course you will get shiet drops compared to your Best in slot gear you bought from the auction hose. Its like 0.000000001% chance to get an PERFECT item and on the auction hose its 1 click away. Guess what you could play without the AH and not be best geared but progress at your own pace like you did in d2. D3 was meant to farm hell for a while till people would get gear to progress into act 1 inferno but the auction hose destroyed the progression sense cuz all people are lazy and want best gear insta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEHPALLYTANK View Post
    Depends on the price.
    Same here, im tired of paying "new game price" for blizzard expansions. $20 and ill buy it, more than that and ill wait for it to go on sale. I will eventually own it though.

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    What expansion? They still haven't given us PvP that they promised in the original game...

    Do you even pay attention? Itemization is pretty high on their list of things to fix in the next patch or two.

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    It really depends, so I voted no. If it looks like it's going to continue the game in it's current form, but add 'some more story', then I will not buy it. If they add a new class, increase itemization and drops instead of having to play through the AH, and generally add some new gameplay elements that make the game more fun then I will buy it.

    That is a whole lot of I'm expecting my no to stand.

    Otherwise I have a $10 ARPG that will be receiving continuous free updates via Steam Workshop to satisfy my need for new forms of gameplay and new classes in TL2.

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    I can't explain why with words, but the world of Diablo 3 just bored me endless compared to Diablo 2. Maybe it has something to do with my age and I don't have as much time as I did before, who knows?

    Reached Inferno on my DH shortly after release, got to the castle and then I just went "Meh". Haven't touched it since, but I have played Diablo 2 as an Amazon and still working on her.

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    As long as PoE is being developed as well as it is I don't see any reason to.
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    Didn't play Diablo 1-2, nor would I have bought Diablo 3 if it wasn't for the annual pass, but I sure as hell don't regret that. I played it on launch night and I just couldn't stop playing for weeks. Finally quit to go back to WoW, and now I'm back again, the later patches has made it so much more fun. So yes, I will be buying the expansion.
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    On one hand I find the game is a mechanically very solid game that does a lot right and over all is a very good package. On the other hand I find the class to just be out right boring apart from the monk and have no interest buying the game (got it free with that one year sub thing for wow then cancelled my wow sub so lost the game) when I have TL2 that can have its bad bit modded out.

    If it was stand alone, then maybe if my friends were also up for it. But honestly there just seems to be some better choices then it atm for cheaper. Its not like the extra effort put into story is really enough to set it above the rest when the story is not exactly a classic by any means

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