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    Quote Originally Posted by usiris View Post
    You can call us exclusive but the fact is that if we and most importantly the average guild like us will continue to shrink because we are forced to take sub-par players and in turn starts a chain that causes us to fall further and further behind in competitive raiding(server wide speaking).
    Thanks for the thoughtful response. Just a couple of things in return:

    1. I wasn't calling anyone in particular exclusive. But it's a clear perception by many that more raiding guilds tend in that direction than toward inclusive. Realm populations play into this of course as well as where we are in an expansion. But the simple fact based on observation is that most guilds make it harder to be considered at all through ridiculous requirements that can easily be dealt with later on rather than easier.

    2. I wasn't recommending inviting everyone that applies either. There should be an application that speaks to experience generally, links to armories of alts, etc. and at least a minimal interview process where you can get a sense of the person as well.

    Lastly, something I didn't really speak to up-thread but which is ideally the case in all forms of recruiting: Good recruiting is not only about currently-open raid slots with narrowly defined requirements. It's about looking forward to the future and working towards a way to fill those slots internally instead of constantly having to reach out to strangers on the one hand or poaching from other guilds on the other. It's entirely possible that realms are too divided up to entirely support the idea of a raiding guild with "B/C/D" teams. If so, then it's likely that people will need to wait until cross-realm guilds or something similar are available.

    LFR has changed the non-casual guild landscape in profound ways and the old ways are probably not going to work. Raiding guilds, as a culture, need to open up if they wish to be successful over the much longer term of several expansions.

    EDIT: Apologies to all if I have strayed a bit off-topic. I do believe that guild applications such as the one described in the post at the top of the thread are generally are a symptom of something else that's going on in that sector of the game and something that is worth discussing.
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    To join my current guild (not amazing, just killed our first heroics this week) all I had to do was go on teamspeak for a chat with the recruitment officer. We live in a world of real people, expecting someone to write a suckup essay and annotate screenshots is excessive and more in line with the kind of crap we have to put up with in real job interviews/applications than for a game.

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    This is really disgusting imo. I am pretty sure it would be easier to get a decent paying job then get in some top tier guilds. Its a flippin game. Why do we need a resume.

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