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    track the amount of slows

    Hey is it possible to track many slows you have on you so its easiyer to know when to dispel it or when to freedom possibly a weak aura or addon?

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    It's called "your debuffs."

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    i dont want to track all my debuffs just the amount of slows

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    I promise you that your debuff frame will show you all the slows on you. As for an addon that shows just slows? I guess you could make a weak aura for every slow in the game...

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    If you use TellMeWhen it actually has a preset to TRACK slows though it'll only show one at a time but it's guaranteed to have the icon of at least one (I think it picks the one lasting longer?). I use it on my warrior to track hamstring (or any slow) for Staggering Shout so it's just a matter of setting up to track on yourself.
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