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    Arguing just for arguing... the topic was boring as soon as the fifth post. I can't believe there is still fighting around the subject, everything that has been developed here is known since before I was born, and the rest is in the tooltip of the spell.

    "Hey sometimes Iceblock is saving me from death so I can DpS after, or even one in a billion times can make a boss dying by DoTs as I am the last one alive, safe and sound in my ice cube. But, guys, after thinking about it over and over again, I find that generally speaking, maybe staying in the Iceblock without doing anything is not the best strategy to boost my DpS. I mean in it I am invincible right guys, but what is the point if I can't do anything? What are your thoughts? Please tell me I am right".

    Nine years into WoW, there is finally scientific and academic proof that the effectiveness of using a skill might depend on the situation.
    Please come and take your nobel prize.


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    Your an idiot, and your posting privileges should be taken away as everyone here has to sift through your garbage to find anything worth a damn to read.

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    It is worth it, but it is still a terrible CD for 3min. Should be more like 1min 30sec or 2min.
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    This thread probably shoulda been deleted its more spam than anything. MI is pretty easily and obviously worth using.

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