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    Legendary Cloak proc questions

    So, I got my cloak yesterday.. Late, I know, but 5000+ people online made it impossible to get on patch day..

    Anyway.. From time to time, you get these hideous Tyrael-like wings.. I assume, it's when the cloak procs..

    However, it seems to proc entirely at random (e.g. while mounted out of combat).. Is this a bug or intended?

    Is there a way to track the procs? You get no buff when it procs, so you can't see how long time remain.

    Can you disable the visual? it's not very pretty to look at. It's especially hideous in my sexy red moonkin form..

    My cloak procs make out ~6,5% damage.. Is that high or low, compared to others?
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    Hi the wings proc'ing outa where is intended and you can't disable it as for the damage it looks accurate.

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