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    Hello, i`m playaing druid since 2005.
    Gladiator in seasons: 3,4,6,7,8
    Famous for my movies in cata
    I`m back now, training hard and going to do many new videos.

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    Thanks mate, this is really helpful

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    Small world pvp video from my guild.

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    Hi there, I've been making enhance pvp videos for roughly 2 years now. My highest rating is 2516, achieved last season in 3s with enh/feral/priest. You can expect 2.2k-2.5k+ arena videos, mostly 3s and 5s. If I feel like editing I make guides. Alot of the videos w/o arena or a guide, I just talk about changes and the state of the game. Currently at roughly 1400 subscribers.

    You can expect footage from my 2300 beastcleave in the future. Or oneshots. Everyone likes enhance oneshots.

    I also have a twitch channel at:
    Multi-Glad 2700+ enhance shaman
    Enhance shaman PvP Guide:

    DEAL WITH IT - Check out my Youtube

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    Cool 2v2 Arena As x2 Arms Warrior With Evylyn!

    Some 2v2 arenas as x2 Arms Warrior Playing with Evylyn. Feel free to take a look.

    Channel: TikozoPvP

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    Thanks :-)

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    2300+ Ret and Warrior. I make videos every 2nd to 3rd day.

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    Unholy Death Knight (The language is hungarian in most of the videos)

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    plenty of helpful vid ty for the help

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    This isn't my channel, but it's quite enjoyable if you like 1v2 hunter videos. Wippe usually plays Marksman, sometimes Survival, rarely Beastmastery.
    You won't learn anything about teamwork for PvP, it's just 1v2 arena, but you might pick up some tricks for dueling / world pvp / fun.

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    Basic videos of Fury Warrior/ Frost Death knights. Nothing fancy or too advanced, I made these videos just to help out beginners in the game and to provide other additional information about the game.

    PVP oriented material.
    Tutorials/beginner guides.
    Last edited by Cryptus; 2014-01-07 at 08:06 AM.
    Dual Wield PVP Warrior/Death Knight PVP Videos/Tips/Guides

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    Hey Guys! Would you check out my first pvp vid? This is part 1/2 ! Thanks

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    You can add me on Shaman, 2H enhancement

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    Unholy Death Knight 2v2 edit 2nd part

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    Been doing WPVP a lot and attracting lots of new members. I decided to start recording and uploading some of the events.

    I'm mainly looking for feedback on what I can do in order to make the video's more enjoyable for viewers.

    Feel free to subscribe, I'll subscribe back and hopefully we can do some cross realm events

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    Battlegrounds with no gear. Frustration made into a cool little montage:

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    Soul Reaper Finisher

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    Elemental Shaman
    3v3 arenas @ 1850-2100 MMR (L.S.D.)
    Random BGs

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    Some 2kmmr 3v3 Arenas as KFC on my channel right now.

    Youtube: TikozoPvP

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