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    It has been 5 years since the 70 Twink Bracket came into Existence and Moriat dinged 70.
    200'000 Hk's and Hundreds of Awesome Memories later I am honored to present to you a 15 minute Celebration Video of Today's 70 Bracket.

    What to expect:

    Eye Candy Transmogs
    70 Shadow/Holy/Discipline PvP
    Twink Bracket
    Crazy Damage
    Various Movie References
    Multiple Music Genres

    What to NOT expect:

    Fancy editing
    Max Level


    00:00-00:10 WCM Intro
    00:10-00:34 Moriat 1 Intro
    00:35-02:34 Insane Shadow Damage/Halaa Battle
    02:35-03:03 Sketch 1
    03:04-04:44 Insane Shadow Damage Part 2
    04:45-05:14 Sketch 2
    05:15-09:31 10v10 Eots Battle
    09:32-09:52 Sketch 3
    09:53-13:25 Discipline/Holy PvP
    13:26-13:56 Sketch 4
    13:57-14:54 200'000st Honorable Kill
    14:55-15:17 Outro

    I would also like to advertise my Youtube Channel and eventually request the Addition of my Youtube Channel to the Main Post.

    I'm uploading videos quite frequently. Usually 70 Battlegrounds or Videos about Legendaries/Mounts/Transmogs or just Humoristic WoW Videos in General.
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    Laurix - Rogue For Life features 2k+ Arena PvP during Season 14!

    Editing: Ambition Studios (Me)
    Gameplay: Me

    Buku - All Deez (Intro)
    30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane
    Nujabes - Feather
    Maduk ft. Veela - Ghost Assassin (Hourglass Bonusmix)
    Hippie Sabotage - Stay High (Tove Lo Flip)
    RJD2 - F.H.H. Instrumental (Outro)

    Thanks to all that watch! I've made a few videos in the past, but this is my first WoW-related one. I'd like to make more of these since it was very fun overall to both record and edit


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    Marksman hunter mostly bg but will put arena videos in few days.1500mmr for now in 2's

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    Baltimore, MD

    Warlock PvP - Affliction and Destruction
    2500 RBG and 2200 Arena Exp

    • High Rated or fun RBG Videos
    • RBG Guides
    • Spec Guides (Affliction & Destruction)
    • Tips & Tricks
    • Occasional Arena Content
    • Other Misc. (Green Fire Guides, Random BGs, Leveling Guides, etc)

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    BG Hero Maderas

    Hi, i am fairly new to Fire mage in pvp and I've been watching guides and all other types of stuff on youtube tryin to learn how to pvp and become a better player. I did some non-sense vids back in november and the progress i've made is pretty good so far because tbh I was really really bad, now i'm not as bad but still working towards getting better.

    Fire Mage Mini-montage

    Long story short, if you have 3min and some change to spare to check out my BG hero vid it's entirely for entertainment, mostly because I am so glad that all the practicing is starting to show so i wanted to share. I got a fairly decent response so far and like I said it's just entertainment (I AM NOT PRO lol not even close) lemme know what you think or if you would like to see another vid or any tips you got for a lowly fire mage attempting to get better, Thanks
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    I fail to see what is so amazing about this video

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    Hello everyone, i'm here to share with you my first video. It's a Retladin PvP movie (Only Bg in this one but the next video will be in arena) (i can't put an entire link on the website because i'm new sorry)

    I'm new to the world of editing so, be cool with me ! ^^'

    I hope you will enjoy

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    Click to watch at
    (Youtube link at the bottom of the page)


    The characters in this movie may seem "cool" but they're lawbreakers and troublemakers. They don't act responsibly and they leave a trail of violence without any consequences. On the plus side,they do value family and they work together well.

    Lots of big,powerful guns are pulled and many minor characters are shot and killed.Not too much blood is seen. PG-13


    What to expect:

    Eye Candy Transmogs
    70 Shadow/Holy/Disc PvP
    Mass PvP/Duels
    Twink Bracket
    Crazy Damage
    Various Movie References
    Multiple Music Genres


    What to NOT expect:

    Fancy editing
    Max Level



    00:00-00:17 WCM Intro
    00:17-00:29 Moriat 2 Intro
    00:29-02:11 Holy Dps
    Zombie Nation (Sport Chant Remix)-Kernkraft 400
    02:11-02:52 Sketch 1
    02:52-06:23 Mass PvP Event
    Lux aeterna by Clint Mansell
    06:23-06:53 Sketch 2
    06:53-12:13 Bg featuring Ssjcyrax
    Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (Synchronice Dubstep Remix)
    12:13-12:44 Sketch 3 filmed by Uncleswagg
    12:44-17:58 Duel Event
    Mt Eden Dubstep - Escape
    Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble (Vanic Dubstep Remix)
    17:58-18:23 End Scene
    Fairy Tail Main Theme Slow version Ost - Extended

    Personal Notes:

    Youtube 1080 HD
    Moriat 2 - YouTube

    Unclemoriat @ Illidan - Community - World of Warcraft

    Moriat's Screenshots 2009-2014
    Flickr: Moriatpriest's Photostream

    SV Intro Templates by Laurent Caccia

    Don't forget to watch Moriat 1
    Moriat 70 PvP By Moriat - World of Warcraft Movies

    Edit: Featured at Happy me.

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    youtube Mightyzzgaming gladiator holy paladin guides, arena, commentarys

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    Hi all,

    This thread is not an opportunity for you to post random individual videos - if you want to be included in the thread, give me your Youtube channel and what rating / brackets you post in.

    The thread explicitly prohibits this kind of junk posting - so I'm going to be deleting these posts.

    Do not post everytime you make a new video, or I will start handing out infractions for advertisement (this is a warning).

    ~ Yva
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    Youtube ~ Yvaelle ~ Twitter

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    Has my Videos been Deleted?

    Yes. As is explained in the post directly above this one in bright bold font - warning you to cease and desist or be infracted.

    ~ Yva
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    Not my channel, but I feel like this should be listed here: Grievous Gladiator Hansol - Fire Mage -

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    I upload Arcane PvP footage on my YouTube channel (mostly 3v3, but also some 2v2, duels, and guides).

    Most footage is 2.200+ or higher (Uploading 2.400+ content atm).

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    Is it possible to add world pvp content to the video list?

    In that case, Vengeful Dawns primary video maker has the following youtube channel:

    Regular world pvp content uploaded there.

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    Hey guys!

    I upload Shadow Priest POV PVP (hovering around 2k rating in 3s but haven't started to push seriously ~ my top rating was 2.2k)
    I saw a lot of people asking for a shadow priest vs warrior dueling guide and even though I wasn't the one being asked, I answered the call!

    Also, I don't care about subscribers for now, I just want to produce entertaining/helpful content so a comment with an honest opinion > subscription ^^

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    A new world of warcraft arms warrior pvp video is uploaded on my channel. This time I'm showing you when I hit my 2.2k achivment. This is an achievment that I've been wanted to have for such a long time.
    Therefore it feels good to finally reach it Feel free to check it out.

    Feel free to check it out on: TikozoPvP On youtube.

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    Warlock and Monk arenas and random PvP. Mostly 2's with a good friend but usually funny. Hope you all enjoy.

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    Warrior PvP! As both Arms, fury and prot!! arena, rated bg, bg, commentaries and "how to/ Guides" and much, much more! Find it all here

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