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    32 minute Legion Rank 1 Spriest Arena video of 2v2 and 3v3 matches and some montage

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    Road to Gladiator is an ongoing series taking place in the first season of Legion showing the entire journey from start to finish to show players the process of climbing the overwhelming ladder of World of Warcraft Arena! Follow me on the series as I break down the footage step by step on improving gameplay in arenas! You can check out my channel at!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OP INFORMER View Post
    Quick video on feral druid pvp guide talents and rotation. Hopefully this helps people that are just coming back.

    I don't think video is right AT ALL. From what I've seen most high rated ferals run bloodtalons and lunar inspiration. I don't think anyone runs savage roar in arena :/

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    Hey all! Here is a rated arena video I would like comments on;

    2v2 Weekly Wins Mix.2
    Survival Hunter & Windwalker Monk
    Music: Hopsin "Die this way!"

    Please leave comments on how I can improve my playstyle on the youtube page.

    Thanks for watching and constructively criticizing me in a attempt to help me improve!

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    Here is my first quick intro, I messed up volumes a bit but I hope you like it still! Let me know what you think

    Trailer: Exploding on Plebs - 2900 Unholy DK PvP (7.1 Legion)

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    My 2nd PvP movie, contains purely 1v2/1v3 clips from world PvP, arenas and BGs.

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    A video with open world pvp (ganking would be a better word).

    And Arena ranked video.

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    This is my YouTube Chanel. Im making videos of the following classes:


    Enchancement Shaman PVP


    Shadow Priest & Discipline Priest



    Best Regards,


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    My second PvP video. I'm having so much fun making them but i'm still a noob

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    Back with a weekly wins montage, nothing special, might get through to some though! the old school feels =D

    Vimeo version has original songs and edit, youtube version is now a recut due to copyright blockout.


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    A short video showing how to properly oneshot people as a Demonology warlock.
    I'm not allowed to post links yet, if someone could edit in the real link below i'd be happy

    youtube /watch?v=uPHpVmgA1FE

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    Hmm, last post was a while ago but I'll add mine. Mostly ele shaman vids in random BGs.
    My Ele Shaman PvP YouTube channel:

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    Hey all!

    After 6 months of hard work, i am finally releasing my new PvP movie. So this is what you can expect:

    - Varied content: machinima, pvp gameplays (outdoor, arenas) and a few more things

    - A long journey over Legion with scenes of different zones and patches (from the beginning to 7.2)

    - High editing and postproduction skills (effects, color corrections, etc)

    - 23 minutes of visual entertainment with the maximum visual quality (2560x1440 at 50fps)

    So that said, i hope you enjoy it!!

    - Here is my youtube channel (Assassination Rogue PvP movies and machinimas):

    - And here is the video:
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    I made a stupid fucking Rogue gank compilation.

    Basically, as a huge fan of antiquated Vanilla PvP videos (I literally grew up on shit like Maydie and World of Roguecraft, etc), I wanted to make a kind of 'love letter' tribute to old form PvP videos. I love World of Roguecraft because it was both a frag video and at the same exact time it was an anti-frag video that mocked the entire concept of frag videos.

    That and with how ridiculous world PvP Rogue burst is at the moment (specifically Assassination), I knew I had to make something dumb like this. I even end up taking all of my gear sans legendaries and weapons off and still kill people. This isn't to make me look cool or whatever (in the video I openly acknowledge that I'm just killing random nobody PvErs) but it's just a funny look at how Rogues are broken right now and that yes, World of Roguecraft still exists in some tiny little way. Enjoi.

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    This is my first HD video. I have been trying new things editing wise (I am still a noob). Hope it will be enjoyable!

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    What a lovely idea

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    Here we are again, an unified Fenn movie with discord voice 3s, enjoy!

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