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    Life and death pvp talent (unholy dk) rated bg

    I was wondering, this talent heals for 10% of what the target you put festering wounds on gets healed by, plus when virulent plague is dispelled (it's counted as a disease) it deals 400% of normal eruption damage, which must be 12k +.

    So I was wondering, at fairly low rating in rated bgs, like 1400-1600, if people aren't careful about what they should and should not dispell, could this work for spread pressure in big fights?

    Assuming it does, I'm guessing it's only when there are at least 2 enemy healers that are either priest and paladin, cause the others can't dispell diseases, can they?

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    The talent should somewhat negate the MW monk's big heal cooldown Revival nicely, since that auto-dispels all magic, poison and disease from the raid.

    Any monk can also dispel diseases, btw.

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    Ah, ok, interesting, so you think it could be worth it when in team fight against at least 2 of those healers who can dispell diseases, replacing for example transfusion, which is a survival talent that reduces the cost of DS for a short period?

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