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    I really hate the Strider nerf. It was one of few mounts that I liked purely based on its water walking abilities. Ah well, I suppose it won't be that easy to get away from Isle of thunder mobs :-)

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    I see that most mage changes were labeled Tooltip fixes, but not CM and Pyro. These are also tooltip fixes and have been live since 5.2.

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    The strider nerf is rather annoying... but workable. Most of the time when you walk on water with it, it is over a large lake or stretch of ocean where there are no mobs to begin with.

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    I have question about rShamans.....its a serious buff on 5.3 or Tooltip fix....dnt understand x/ Thanks for the answer

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    Fuck sake i was just starting to enjoy using that binding shot in pvp and pve,now marks gets it,jeezzz!

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    i think dks locks mages shpriests ferals and bmhunters need next buffs they have so low dmg in pvp. its pretty bad they can kill everything in 3 seconds but not enough they need more, a lot more. I pray for them i want them to show us their super skill, cmon blizz do it!... make it worse than it is, there is no way u could possibly repair it.

    (btw i don't play any of these "skilled" classes)

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