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    Time for a gay marriage section?

    Seeing alot of these being brought up lately (new zealand and uruguay not being merged etc). Maybe just a gay section, im seeing it all over yahoo sports. From magic johnsons son to a tranny mma fighter. Not sure why peoples sexuality is suddenly interesting, but it seems to be. Could be the new hot section on mmo champ.


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    To many people seem to agree with gay marriage. Gun Control is the real hot topic here.

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    Eh, putting gun control in one thread has really helped, sure it may suck to wade through all the pages, but there is typically a good discussion going on.

    I don't see a reason for a gay marriage section, the threads while active for a short time, don't usually last all that long.

    And besides, if we had a Politics section we could incorporate such things under the Politics section.
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    We don't allow sexuality threads unless they pertain to a specific news or related event, so the likelihood of the admins creating a forum soley for this are slim.
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