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    We see several claiming it isnt stored correctly thats why the numbers gets bad. so how about we mandate laws demanding ALL guns to be stored in gunsafes and unloaded.
    Heller shot that down. But sources indicate that it doesn't matter how you store it, your risk still goes up greatly.

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    Actually, the answer is that 54 senators DID vote for it... however, 5 Democrat senators, including Harry Reid voted NO. The particular rules that required 60 votes to pass were put in place in the year 2007, by the then Senate Majority Leader.
    Harry Reid was a "yes" vote that switched so that he can procedurally bring it up for another vote at a later time.

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    Get the guns out of the hands of ex felons, like the law says and murders will drop by 50%. Leave the law abiding citizens alone. Why does everyone have to suffer new legislation because a group of "people" living in the ghettos cant figure out how to live in peace. Racial profiling should be legal, it will save more lives than any new gun legislation. It seems even when the answer is clear and the writing is on the wall, some people want to look the other way.

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    Get the guns out of the hands of ex felons, like the law says and murders will drop by 50%.
    That's what expanded background checks were meant to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukentuts View Post
    That's what expanded background checks were meant to do?
    No, its what the law already says. Enforce the current laws instead of making up new ones. Well the racial profiling one is just common sense.

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    I have no idea how I went to bed and woke up to this thread being about gun control.

    What you're talking about is nonsensical slippery slope junk. Automatic firearms have been illegal since 1986, and no one wants to change that. There is functionally no difference between any modern semi-automatic weapons. Tell me, which of these two: (1)(2) is an assault weapon and which is a hunting rifle? Why?
    We wouldn't be having this discussion if nobody wanted it you prick. The pictures you posted just negate your own point. Nobody should be able to take out a massive crowd of people in 40 seconds. Compare. A semi-automatic will take out a lot more people in a 40 second time frame than a hunting rifle. That's just a fact and the physics of the gun.

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    Who cares.

    People my age don't go to these places to get news anyway. Most sources are from the internet, and politically biased websites reek of much less bullshit then anything on those channels.

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    Way to bump a thread almost 8 months old.

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    I think I really like this website.

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