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    Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent - Do you find it desirable?

    Currently, I am doing my uni work and occasionally farming skyshard when I get the right daily.

    Currently I am sitting on 8/10 and the last 2 refuse to drop.

    The thing I am asking is, is it really worth it? Friends have said it is rather plain, but because it is technically quite scare, does that make it desirable?

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    I find it quite hard to tell them all apart there are so many. They really shouldn't have used it for meta mounts, boss drop mounts, rep mounts and rare drop mounts. Same thing happened in Cata with the Wind Drakes and no one ever used those or took notice. That said I'm up to 7 from dailies and the odd spot of farming, just for completion sake. Don't think I'll ever use it though.

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    The fact that there are like 5 other models of it including rarer / harder to obtain versions (heavenly onyx / ruby) makes it in my mind a pretty average mount. I fully understand how annoying it is to get, having farmed the bone raptor for like 15 hours with my girlfriend and i feel it is in the same boat too. Too many skins of the same model = over all bad. Everytime i look at Invincible all i can see is sparkle pony

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    Those serpent mounts make me sea sick i hate them but i have OCD for mount collecting so i am farming for shards but im not killing myself for them

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    I really wish they would have made the cloud serpents more distinguishable from each other. The difference between the crimson serpent you get from the 5 man meta achievement and the thundering ruby serpent is barely noticeable.
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    not rly, just another serpent... looking like pink weiner dosnt help either

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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    These comments made me think of racism against Asians... Only here, it's Asian dragons ^_^ Just kidding ofcourse, not accusing anyone of anything.

    I can tell them apart, and (purely on looks) I prefer the Thundering versions of all of them, but the Ruby one is still a bit boring. Onyx, Heavenly Onyx and Azure are my favorites, even if two of them are extremely easy to obtain. Now if you're purely looking for something to show off with, Cloud Serpents aren't the way to do it =P There are too many of them for people to tell them apart, and it even looks a lot like the normal Ruby Cloud Serpent from the Order faction.

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    It would be cool if there wasn't other cloud/electric serpents that wasn't easy to get. The one from August Celestials kinda ruins the 'epicness' of this one for me.

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    The lightning effects make the cloud serpents better imo. I think they should have made the normal ones with the lightning and the rare ones, like Alani, heavenly cloud serpents.

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    desirable? not enough that i wanna spend the ridiculous amounts of time it takes trying to farm those skyshards. its pretty, but there are more then enough cloud serpents available from other means.
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    I don't like any of the snake mounts, they are all very ugly

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    Out of all the serpent mounts, that ones my least favorite.
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    Personally I'm not a fan of any cloud serpents.
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    It's +1 for my mount collection, that's the only reason I have any desire to get it.

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    Personally, I don't like cloud serpent mounts too much.
    That said, I think this particular one even is one of the worst looking of them all - I really don't like the colour, and the lightning isn't anything special, too.

    So no, I don't find it desirable...for me, the effort isn't even worth the +1 in my mount collection.

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    It's not even the best looking serpent mount in my opinion, would never farm it.
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    I was lucky enough to get the mount by farming the Mottled Cow before they fixed it.

    Never really used it much since then. It's just a +1 to my mount count.

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    I'm not a fan of the serpent mounts in general, certainly not enough to keep farming the rep =/

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    I dislike Cloud Serpents in general.

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    I would only want it as a notch in the mount count headboard...rofl. Right now I'm focused on scrounging up the cash for the onyx panther, expedition yak, then the engineering mounts, all of which are more appealing to me.

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