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    [H] <PWK> 1/13H 12/12N LF Resto/Ele Shaman

    10 Man Raiding Guild on [U.S] Bleeding Hollow

    Raid times: Tues - Thurs 830-1130EST (occasional Monday 830-1130)

    What we would want out of you:

    Progression Oriented: We are looking for people who want to experience all the content while it is current.

    Mature: Age isn't an issue as long as you can take responsibility for your mistakes and make changes to fix them. Looking for people who understand loot should be distributed to help the entire raid progress, not just the individual.

    Reliable: We want people that recognize that there are 9 other people online ready to raid and counting on you to show up. If missing a raid on a 9 hour a week schedule and letting 9 other raiders down is ok with you please do not apply.

    Competitive: Looking for players who have the drive and motivation to compete in raids and on logs, we are not looking for players who are fine with being "middle of the pack"

    This might sound a little rigid, but we have gone through enough trials to know what we are looking for in a raider.

    What you can expect from us:

    A positive raiding environment where you can be yourself.
    A raid team with parsing players who are looking to down endgame content.
    A fair loot system that benefits the raid as a whole.
    Flasks, food, pots, repairs provided.

    Immediate Needs:

    Ele/Resto Shaman

    *Any excellent dps/healers not listed are also encouraged to apply.


    add me Aetius#1220 for more info

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