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    10 man Horridon (Normal)

    My guild spent our second night and 10 man Horridon and couldn't get past him. We are having alot of trouble on door #3 due to the fact that we have no Pally and only 1 priest and diseases quickly get out of control. We use lust on door 3 as well have use any abilities that spawn minions (such as DK army) but still are falling behind. Any criticism would be appreciated.

    I have logs but I'm not allowed to post links yet... Guild name is Longstoryshort on US-Daggerspine server (April-17)

    Thanks again for any help

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    Whats your setup? whats your current tactic? whats the avg. dps? need more info to be able to help you

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    Here are the logs he's talking about.


    I'll focus on try Nº 4, as it's your longest one.

    I'll focus on your deaths. You died due to bestial cry hitting quite hard, use raid CD's if needed, once Jalak goes down fight is over. Have your shamans spec into healing tide (assuming they didn't already) stack spirit shell, use healthstones, personal CDs. Whatever it takes to survive. You finished him off with half the raid dead, one more cry with everyone surviving and he'd be down.

    Also everyone should be focusing him down ASAP. As you can see here http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-ik...6844&target=99 one of your shamans is way above everyone else on damage to nalak, everyone should be more or less equal. Also, i'll say again, don't hesitate on blow whatever you may have left to kill jalak, on our first kill jalak died as our horridon tank did, our offtank picked horridon, got gibbed by the very next triple puncture (9 stacks yay!) and our hunter kited the hell out of him, he stops A LOT to cast stuff.

    Also we 2 heal, the more DPS, the faster the adds die, especially with a disc priest.
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    First of all i would recommend that you 2 man heal this fight for the extra dps wich make it alot easyer
    to get the adds down fast.
    Since you got a disc priest he could almost solo heal this fight but i would say keep priest and druid for healing and have the shammy go
    pref ele if he can play it.
    Also by the looks of the logs your dps is kinda low over all the tries so an extra dps might help you do a kill also i dont know how you priorities the adds
    in what order to kill them and such so cant say if you doing some misstakes there tho.

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    2 heal it.

    Perversely is reduces damage because the adds that cause the damage are dead quicker. You had 2 healers doing 30-38k, they arent being stretched at all, better off dropping one for a dps and making 2 work a bit harder. Tell your disc priest that spirit shell is the best spell in game and he needs to start using it when raid damage is going to arrive.

    Apart from that, work on avoiding damage, 5mill taken from frost orbs on your longest attempt, kite the adds and avoid the poo. The adds that apply nasties on the 3rd gate can be stunned snared, slowed etc, work on that.

    The above were just some quick observations but I hope they send you in the right direction.

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    You say you are getting behind on dispels on the 3rd door. How is your priest handling the dispels? Is he/she dispelling them right away or prioritizing those with higher stacks. The disease is applied when the champions/warriors melee their target and the disease stacks. At a few stacks it really doesn't hurt a ton. Prioritize dispelling people with higher stacks of the disease. Also as people mentioned the warriors/champions can be stunned, slowed, etc. Make sure anyone that can is stunning and slowing them to reduce the number of stacks that get applied.
    (Looking at your group composition you have the potential for a lot of aoe stuns, 2 capacitor totems (shaman), locks can spec into shadofury, DK can spec into remorseless winter, warrior can spec into shockwave. These stuns are not only helpful on the 3rd door but all the doors as all the smaller adds can be stunned.)

    Also make sure that everyone is stacked on or near the add tank, that way the adds can be cleaved down more quickly. If everyone is spread out the warriors/champions die slower and thus more diseases are applied.

    Looking at the timing of your Jinrok kill you should have the dps for Horridon. My raid group killed Horridon recently with over a minute to enrage and we kill Jinrok in the same time you did. We also 3 heal it. Attempted to 2 heal cause we thought adds would die faster, but healers had too much on their plate this way between dispels, tank healing, healing the random raid damage, etc.

    You have several attempts where you make it to the Amani door so you should be close to a kill. Just make sure your dps know the priority targets and healers are dispelling on CD, interrupts are going off and you should have it! Good luck!!
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    We were unaware that the smaller adds could be stunned/snared so that should help alot. Previously we just grouped up and AoE healed/DPS through door 3 (or tried to). We tried 2 healing once on the last pull of the night and it didn't work well at all but maybe we should put some more effort into it when people are fresh.

    I really appreciate the suggestions and we'll give em on try on our next raid night.

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    Third door you need to group up and AoE and kite away from any orbs that spawn depending on how quick you are at killing warlords. In my experience it's always the blue orbs that kill people, not the disease.


    Horridon attempt #2. 7:42 fight.

    20:45:24.459] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Sukkamaclock 61674 (O: 11241)
    [20:45:24.747] Sukkamaclock Frost Fever Drakkari Frozen Warlord 11379
    [20:45:24.747] Sukkamaclock Frost Fever Drakkari Frozen Warlord 11378
    [20:45:24.749] Sukkamaclock Frost Fever Risen Drakkari Warrior 4761 (O: 4808)
    [20:45:24.805] Sukkamaclock dies

    [20:45:52.623] Risen Drakkari Champion hits Grasmotgus 49034
    [20:45:52.942] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Grasmotgus 56937 (O: 16315)
    [20:45:52.989] Grasmotgus dies

    [20:45:49.947] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Shockaholic 78212
    [20:45:50.948] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Shockaholic 77141
    [20:45:51.610] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Shockaholic 82306
    [20:45:52.540] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Shockaholic 79331
    [20:45:52.847] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Shockaholic 82913
    [20:45:53.575] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Shockaholic 38584 (O: 45630)
    [20:45:53.788] Shockaholic dies

    This above makes me think these 3 were just derping about standing in frozen orbs til they died. This can and should be avoided.

    Horridon attempt #2. 6:04 fight

    20:54:21.573] Unknown Sand Trap Sukkamaclock 101707
    [20:54:21.988] Sukkamaclock Frost Strike Farraki Wastewalker *94250*
    [20:54:22.216] Sukkamaclock Frost Fever Horridon 11830
    [20:54:22.216] Sukkamaclock Frost Fever Farraki Wastewalker *15473*
    [20:54:22.413] Unknown Sand Trap Sukkamaclock 16166 (O: 76462)
    [20:54:23.168] Sukkamaclock dies

    DK is literally just standing in traps killing himself. Then the DK gets a brez and does this on next door

    [20:57:46.928] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Sukkamaclock Absorb (67902)
    [20:57:47.023] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Sukkamaclock 37831 (O: 4449, A: 26061)
    [20:57:47.278] Sukkamaclock Blood Plague Horridon 12140
    [20:57:47.306] Sukkamaclock Blood Plague Drakkari Frozen Warlord *11030*
    [20:57:47.399] Sukkamaclock dies

    Stands in frozen orbs again.

    [20:58:22.397] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Møøtøwn 62043
    [20:58:22.573] Risen Drakkari Warrior Deadly Plague Møøtøwn 25170 (O: 31080)
    [20:58:22.672] Møøtøwn Thrash Drakkari Frozen Warlord 15381
    [20:58:22.777] Møøtøwn dies

    Tank dying to standing in orbs again. Needs to be kited. Unnecessary damage which just lead to a series of events to the rest of the raid dying.

    Horridon Try #5 6:05 fight

    21:23:31.656] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Cutemoose 84896
    [21:23:31.703] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Cutemoose 78233 (O: 3702)
    [21:23:31.822] Cutemoose Lifebloom Howboutnot +0 (O: 8684)
    [21:23:31.955] Cutemoose Rejuvenation Deadlockk +21843
    [21:23:32.062] Cutemoose dies

    21:24:00.476] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Murdrinmurfy 72895
    [21:24:00.628] Murdrinmurfy Power Word: Solace Grasmotgus +3490
    [21:24:00.764] Risen Drakkari Warrior Deadly Plague Murdrinmurfy 10624 (O: 53126)
    [21:24:01.030] Murdrinmurfy dies

    [21:24:01.030] Grasmotgus Siphon Life Grasmotgus +3344
    [21:24:01.455] Frozen Orb Frozen Bolt Grasmotgus 51813 (O: 17467)
    [21:24:01.837] Grasmotgus dies

    Every log I've looked through it seems to be the same people dying to the same things.

    Have your raid grouped up. Kill warlords asap and KITE when orbs do appear. Short of dispelling, the diseases can easily be dealt with. Standing in orbs as I have shown above, can't be dealt with.

    Tanks also seem to have issues keeping/picking up aggro on mobs. There's a few deaths from DPS simply getting hit by adds. Should never happen
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    Pretty thorough analysis Rated. Thanks for all the help, it's very much appreciated.

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    You actually don't even have to three heal it. Seems you have enough dispellers, dps and tanks should be assisting where possible. Pop hero when the 2 big adds jump out of the stands on the third door, have add tank stay out of frozen orbs and you should be money. Fourth door is kill bear then shaman, dino takes priority, melee cleave melee adds, ranged snipe down magic adds, then bear -> shaman -> dinomancer if he's up -> last bear -> last shaman, clean up adds while you tank boss, other tank picks up jalak, healers use aoe cds, jalak tank takes horridon after jalak dies, enjoy phat lewtz.

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