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    Trinket question

    So i been reading the forums and i keep seeing different answers. Which is better Brutal tailsman or Normal Gaze of the twins?
    Please elaborate why you feel or know that either one is the better of the 2? thank you in advance

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    The best way is to download the latest simcraft and sim yourself.

    For me it was feather and twins

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    Gaze of the Twins is your second BiS trinket, hence, it's better than SPA trinket.

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    Simcraft would lead the best result obviously but just to have an idea, Collision had a post that you may find useful.

    1: H + H-TF Fabled Feathers of Ji-kun
    2: H-TF Gaze
    3: TF Fabled Feathers of Ji-Kun
    4: H Gaze of the Twins
    5: N Fabled Feathers of Ji-kun
    6: H-TF Primordius Rage
    7: TF Gaze of the Twins
    8: H Primordius Rage
    9: H-TF Spark of Zandalar
    10: Brutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan - Only if you can handle the expertise
    11: N Gaze of the Twins
    12: TF Primordius's Rage
    13: H Spark of Zandalar
    14: N Primordius's Rage
    15: LFR Fabled Feathers of Ji-Kun
    16: H Lei Shen's Final Orders 2/2
    17: TF Spark of Zandalar
    18: H Lei Shen's Final Orders 0/2 (and 1/2)
    19: 5.1 Trinket (Non-engineers)
    20: N Spark of Zandalar
    21: LFR Gaze of the Twins
    22: LFR Primordius
    23: 5.1 Trinket (Engineers)
    24: LFR Spark of Zandalar

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    once again.. i already seen these from the soucres already. one guy says gaze is bis and then some other guy list a trinket list that shows normal gaze is below brutal. still vague on this answer. looking for more insight thank you

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    You can either use that list or sim it yourself. You aren't going to get a better answer.

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    Feather has the highest DPS potential out of any Trinket this tier for us, but it is quite RNG. It's procs would have to line up favorably with your CS. We have low haste values since we do not gear/gem for it, so when it does proc, you are lucky and smashing the meters - when it doesn't, it is somewhat negligible.

    Gaze is quite good for improving our sustained damage. That is the main purpose of it. If it procs and line up with a Bladestorm, you'll see a healthy DPS increase.

    Primordius Talisman of Rage, along with Feather, is a thoroughput Trinket. If it lines up well, you will be smashing. If not, it will have less of an impact then gaze.

    Any combination of these three trinkets are good for a Fury warrior. When I chase Rank 1's, I will most likely be running Feather + Primo. Right now I have a H TF Gaze and I appreciate what it does for me.

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